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News-Flash: Tuesday: That bitch named Karma catches up with Google, Plus Dr. Mark Davis Featured

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As the Whole World goes Crazy, JJ McCartney has a Message for those feeling Anxious, Fearful, Scared, Worried, and Depressed.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:


  • Dr. Mark Davis!
  • Oh Google! Poor Google! 2.7b fine and nti Trust, search manipulati0ons
  • Napolitano: ynch could get 5-10+ years for 'misconduct in office', DNC ties, emails could lead to indictment
  • GREAT AGAIN: Trump gets bear-hug from India's PM.
  • And MUCH more.

Tropical Storm takes aim at Gulf Coast, Independent Investigation: Seth Rich Murder not "robbery gone wrong" Featured

Tropical Storm Cindy bears down on Gulf, meanwhile hot air at CNN results in "shocking" GOP win in Georgia.

IQ Al Rassooli weighs in on the week's news.

  • James Comey, FBI sued for Obstruction of Justice in covering up government spying and surveillance on American people
  • MSM hush-hush on Democrats losing much more ground since November than reported
  • Deep State desperate to cover up the palpable disdain voters have for liberal democrats since Election
  • Biggest winner of the week:President Donald Trump, Alex Jones/Infowars, Alternative media
  • Biggest losers of the week: Megyn Kelly, NBC, CNN, Mainstream media and Democrat party

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Monday: BREAKING NEWS: Russia Vows to Shoot Down ALL FLYING OBJECTS over Syria Featured

Today LIVE at Noon ET on the Monday Rundown: 

  • London van attack on Mosque clearly a false-flag event.
  • United States shoots down Syrian fighter jet
  • Tensions rise in Middle East
  • Russia vows to shoot down "all flying objects" over Syria
  • Phillipine cargo v essel collides with U.S. Destroyer, killing 7 American sailors
  • News Barbie breaks her promise to Alex Jones
  • Plus much more news and commentary from JJ McCartney on this Monday broadcast.

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