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Democrat Party: Criminal Hillary for President!
Intel Community Revolt
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The image above is of Dante's Inferno. Observe that the evil is represented as upside-down and backwards - an inverted Tower of Babel.  As you progress down the funnel of depravity, it all drains out into a cesspool of evil.

The ninth circle of Hell is treachery.  No better word describes the actions of Hillary Clinton and her clique of treasonous accomplices.  She and all those who have enabled, in both parties, her are treacherous.  We'll attempt to put this unfathomable predicament into words.  Just how did the Democrat Party, the oldest continuous political party in the world today, permit this criminal to be their nominee for President of the United States of America?

We'll also discuss the revolt of the U.S. intelligence community, and the FBI which has finally decided to do the right thing.

Join us Saturday as we discuss these topics and more...

Topics of Discussion:

  • Democrats leave United States in unbelievable position this election
  • How is a criminal, likely guilty of treason, on the ballot?
  • Why did Obama get off so easy?  His guilt is apparent as Hillary's
  • U.S.-Israeli citizens vote overwhelmingly for Trump
  • Headlines News, Foreign and Domestic

& more . . .

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