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JJ McCartney is the Cure for the Common Show!This smart, daily program combines topical news with a superb mix of guests, sharp wit and the quintessential polished radio pro who simply had enough of the corporate hamster-wheel!We believe in Jesus our risen Lord, and we stand for our Constitution, and the vision of our founders.Political correctness? Not here.Reverence for God, and irreverence for the whacked out communists called “progressives”…Hosted by JJ McCartneyWeekdays: 3-5PM (Eastern)CALL THE SHOW: 855-853-5227

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When will you wake up, American patriots??

I am sick and tired of the liberal leftist media portraying the invaders from Syria and the rest of the Muslim world being called "refugees". The lion's share of these people are not refugees, they are terrorists on a mission to invade and destroy every First-world nation in the world.

Muslims always use children and women as window dressing when they wish to steal from the rest of the world. They portray poverty and misery which they themselves have imposed on their children and women, so they can destroy the economy of any host country stupid enough to allow them in. Read More

The United Nations has orchestrated this dog-and-pony show to try to make it look like the host countries are heartless if they do something as crazy as not throwing open the gates and just letting everybody in.

The Obama doctrine has played right into this scheme, by design. They are aiming to destroy our own economy too, and eliminate sovereignty as we know it.

And today, another abomination to add to the long list of abominations from Barack Hussein Obama, as he named an openly gay secretary to be the next head of the U.S. Army. The American people are, I believe, sick and tired of this radical, godless agenda of sexual depravity and open defiance of God's laws and the tenets of my Christian faith, the same faith our founders relied upon to construct a civilized nation upon.

It's time for Americans to choose a side, and jump into the fight for our nation. Our government is too big, too empowered, and is far outside it's constitutional authority. The people need to educate themselves about what the Declaration and the Constitution are all about, and especially the Bill of Rights, which has been trampled time and again under the feet of the radical Muslim-loving, gay-loving, Manchurian president.

And then there is Iran, and Cuba. Not to mention Obama's betrayal of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and all our other regional allies who are our allies no more because of Obama's pro-Islamic-terror policies in the Middle East as well as right here in the good old United States.

When, oh when, will people start waking up to this evil in our midst, and start making a stand. There are literally 100 million Americans who share my views, but why do they fail to make a stand together??? Why? Because the media and the government have undermined them, barraged them with disinformation, out-right lies, and propaganda intended to make them all feel outnumbered.

We are not outnumbered, if we stand together! But time is wasting, and people need to pull their heads out of the sand!!!!!

No Fear: The JJ McCartney Show sets new standard

On Wednesday's edition of The JJ McCartney Show, a new standard was established in talk radio.

The truth about Islam, and about how it victimizes women, both abroad and in the United States was brought to light Wednesday, as I.Q. Al-Rassooli and I met a woman whom we referred to as Mindy.

Mindy's story is compelling, describing the plight having been married to a Muslim and the subsequent turmoil and personal abuse she was subject to. Also speaking briefly was a younger girl who we guessed is perhaps 11 or 12 years old. She was clearly emotionally shaken by the effects of Islam on she and her mother(we presume).

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