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You deserve a break from all the crazy politics! Please enjoy the tunes!

Take a Break! 

Forget about politics for a while...put on your dancin' shoes, plug your iPad into the stereo with the BIG speakers, and crank up the volume!

We're playing the best music from OUR generation! 

We're calling this the "SANITY BREAK weekend" complements of Nightside Radio Studio's www.jjmccartney.comSo go now and share this with EVERYBODY on your favorite social media groups and friends!Take a well-deserved break from the insane media, the hostile, angry, and bitter words flying around in the airwaves of the main-stream media.ENJOY this, our free gift to YOU from the McCartneys with our compliments and salutations!


Chicken or Pig? Which one are YOU? Featured

special appeal to the listeners and friends of The JJ McCartney Show:

Nearly 3 years ago, we started a radio show, which was devoted to speaking truth to power, and to reveal to the masses information and viewpoints which nobody seemed to be dwelling on in the mainstream as well as most alternative media outlets.

Devoting our resources to this cause has been rewarding to my spirit, but also left us depleted financially and that kind of stress is difficult to combat alone.

So once again, please let me share with you the concept of the Ham and Eggs breakfast analogy: "in the ham and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the PIG is committed!"

i hope, sincerely that you enjoy the show. But we need more pigs to step up to the plate and help us maintain this program. If you can, please notice the PayPal donate button at the lower right corner of your screen. Every little bit helps, and at this time, we are facing some expenses which will hit us very hard without support from loyal listeners and brothers in this dutiful calling(like you).

Remember, we're looking for a few good pigs!

thanks and may God Bless you all!

The Monday that we beat the devil Featured

 It started out as a very very rough Monday morning. It was almost like the devil was trying to get underneath my skin. But God had other plans for the day. It might not of turned out that way were it not for the most perfect wife in the history of the world telling me exactly what I needed to hear at the exact moment I needed to hear it.

 Any day can get off to a rough start but this day was not going to end the way it started. And that's because God keeps his promises. Yes sometimes the pain gets old. Sometimes I would love to be 25 again. But the  Great part is that I don't have to be an old crotchety dude I just have to obey what God tells me to do. And that's what I did today. Tuesday is going to be a very special day.

 How do I know this will because it just is every day is a special day every day is a gift from God and tomorrow Tuesday on the JJ McCartney show my guess is going to be pastor and author can't Hoven and we're going to talk about creationism versus this really stupid thing called evolution. 

 Some people might say how can you say evolution is stupid. Well that's easy listen tomorrow Tuesday as Kent Hovind explains the reasons why evolution is stupid. The show starts at 3:05 PM eastern time.  Kent Hovind will join us at 4:05 PM Eastern time. Tell all your friends and join us at for a show that will absolutely open your eyes to the lies that are stupid evolution. 

And now for the frosting on the cake(mmmm...cake), Challenges are not sent to defeat us. They are sent to make us stronger, or to test us so that we can be made worthy of a task we may have no idea we are about to face.

And Monday was such a day. So please pray for me as this week progresses. I need strength. I need healing, and I need my voice to come back to 100%.

Thanks, and many blessings...

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