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Shameless Media in the past 18 months: Screw honesty! Plus IQ. is BACK!

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TRUTH lives HERE!!JJ McCartney is about to RANT, and you NEED to HEAR THIS!! 

Fed up with the lying news media? Sick of Media covering up truth on behalf of the leftist Obama administration AND the RINO's in Washington?

 You came to the right place, on the right day!! Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we'll tell the truth, and we'll do so with no fear!  

For far too long, we, the people have been lied to about virtually everything the federal government has done, and what they plan on doing next! 

The JJ McCartney Show is a smart, daily show, where we deliver the unvarnished TRUTH. The way we figure things, you are a grown adult. You don't need us to sugar-coat he facts. And people who are truly informed are EMPOWEZRED to effect real change, instead of pretending everything is "swell".  

Bottom line? We respect you enough that we will not lie to you for the sake of your artificial comfort. 

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, We'll tell why Donald Trump is right about winning the legal popular vote, we'll give you first-hand details about the murder of Miriam Carey more han three years ago, and how the government has been engaged in a massive coverup ever since!

Plus, the Southern Poverty Law Center(also known as the parent corporation of Black Lives Matter, and other ridiculous racist liars and race-baiters) says Donald Trump must apologize for "unleashing hate crimes". I.Q. Al Rassooli will join us, and we will expose the Southern Poverty Law Center for the terrorist organization they are, and we'll make our own demands of THEM. 

You see, we simply will no longer allow these people to lie and go unchallenged by the leftist media. We are going to put the mainstream media out of business, and we are going to obliterate the SPLC with nothing but the TRUTH, spoken out loud!! 

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at,, and the JJ McCartney YouTube Channel!

Is American Catastrophe around the corner, or are rich aristocrats just paranoid?

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Is an American Catastrophe about to happen? Why are "elitists" preparing for an American Apocalypse?

Achmed the dead terrorist recommends the ultimate exercise gear for the doomsday prepper: "The Apocalipticle".

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: 

We'll talk about the panic among the elitists across the country, and why they seem to be anticipating a major catastrophe of some sort. We of course have been warning that something could happen in an effort to prompt Barry Soetoro to declare a national emergency and martial law. But thanks to people like Alex Jones, JJ McCartney, Gary Franchi and Paul Preston, a false-flag attack would be easily recognized and defined in the alternative media would wield the power to negate the misinformation from the lame duck Obammy administration. The new alternative media is now dominating the so-called "mainstream" media in every way. 

The old media no longer controls the narrative, and so there is no amount of misinformation or "fake news" can neutralize the true information flowing from our websites, streams and podcasts. Nothing the left throws at us will dissuade us. They cannot silence us. 

We'll discuss the cure for the panic of the left, and why Donald Trump has engendered such rage from the left.

Plus, Dr. Mark Davis will be with us to talk about the reason so many on the left have lost their collective mind since election day.

We'll be LIVE at 3:05pm ET at, or JJ's YouTube Channel!


Monday: Castro LIVES on in Obama, Clinton, Sanders et al.

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Not so fast, world! Fidel Castro LIVES! JJ McCartney will explain at 3:05pm ET on The JJ McCartney Show

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET as JJ McCartney catches up with the news over the Thanksgiving weekend, and shares thoughts on the death of Castro, the Jill Stein recount effort, and Hillary Clinton's schizophrenia explained.

Plus Obama takes a final shot at American small business owners.

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at, or watch the web stream LIVE at JJ McCartney's YouTube channel!

Castro dead at 90. Obama: "Who'll be my role model, now that my role model's gone?"

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Fidel has smoked his last Cuban Cigar

The long wait is finally over in the western world. After 50+ years of defiance, sociopathic rhetoric, threats, taunts, failed communist policies, and arrogant flaunting of power over his people, the actuary tables finally caught up with Fidel Castro Friday. 

Castro, who used guerrila tactics and a keen sense of timing to seize power in Cuba died after a lengthy series of illneses. Castro officially passed his presidential powers to his brother Raul several years ago, and in spite of his never-say-die attitude, succumbed to his illneses on Friday. No other details were released by the state-run media.

Castro seized power in 1959 and quickly aligned himself with the Soviet Union, effectively bringing the cold world dangerously close to the United States. Castro spoke frequently against the United States, and would routinely threaten the U.S. with military attacks, in typical dictator/thuig style.Castro always dressed in military fatigues and combat boots in public, trying to project himself as a strong-man unafraid to use his power against all of his enemies, especially those who happened to live in Cuba at the time of the revolution.

While many fawning journalists and idiots like filmmaker Michael Moore eulogized Castro as a "great man", the history books will reflect a cruel and insensitive leader who never fretted when his people suffered. His legacy is people driving around all over Cuba in 55 or 60-year-old automobiles, since new cars were never allowed to cross embargo-lines. Medicine in Cuba was often touted by leftists as exemplary in comparison to free-market health care in the United States.

But let's all be gracious instead of dancing on Castro's grave. Let's wish for the best for the people of Cuba, and let's pray that under a Donald Trump administration, the United States will help the Cuban people find their way to true freedom and prosperity.

Many have waited their entire lives to see clear to move back to their beloved homeland in Cuba.

How will Castro's death affect life in Cuba? Stay Tuned.

The Thanks I Give:

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JJ McCartney Gives Thanks

Like so many others this week, I have at times felt the pressure and the rapid pace of this Holiday Season descending upon us like it does each year. But I look in the mirror and I see many reasons for THAT guy to be thankful, for he has truly been blessed.

The thanks I give this Thanksgiving is reserved for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the risen savior, the Son of God, who chose to suffer and die to redeem me. He loved me enough to retrieve my soul from the massive bin of damaged goods. He loved me enough to restore me in His righteousness, and He did so because He was an obedient Son. He did not argue, nor did he question the value of each soul he suffered for. He simply obeyed His Father's voice, and it is that act f obedience that made all things possible for God's Children throughout these generations.

The thanks I give:

I Thank you, God Almighty, for the blessing of this day. I thank you for creating time, and for slicing it into manageable subdivisions called days. Each one of these days is a treasured gift. Each day is a miracle in the cosmos. I thank you for the day, which brings the blank slate. Each day brings time with those I love and cherish most. How can I possibly thank you enough, Lord God, for the gift of this day/ Let me live this day in a way which is pleasing to you

I give thanks for the loves of my life. I thank you for Susan, my wife. She is so much more than I deserve. I thank YOU for her loving kindness, her compassion, her patience, her true heart, her iron will, her manner, her laughter, her love for me, which is given in obedience to You. I thank you for the loneliness she has erased from my life. I thank you for her devotion for me, not only as a husband, but as a fellow child of God. I thank you for restoring my spirit by delivering Susan into my life, and I pray I can be worthy as her husband, and bring her a semblance of what she gives to me. Fulfillment, Contentment, Rest, Passion, Encouragement, Perspective, Empathy, Patience and immeasurable Joy and perpetual anticipation of what each day, each week, each month, and each year will bring.

I give thanks for the most precious gift any married couple can receive, in the person of our blessed daughter, Allison. As with every blessing You have given us, we know that You gave her to us for a revelation as to the perspective being a parent gives us a deeper kinship with You, Lord God. For we learn, as parents, that we feel every pain she feels, we feel every joy she feels, and these are lessons in selflessness and unconditional love. The blessings you have bestowed upon us as Allison's parents have taught us life lessons which no classroom or institution of higher learning can ever convey. Every smile Allison gives is a treasured reminder that with You, Lord God, all things are possible. Miracles became the standard daily mode of life for us as a family, and what we learned most throughout is that as YOUR children we have learned to expect miracles, and to understand and know each miracle as it arrives, right on time, and it humbles us to know that you provided every need long before we knew it would be needed.

I thank you for the beautiful person our daughter has become. Thank you for her idiosyncrasies, for her fierce loyalty, her creative mind, her fair mind, her uncompromising devotion to what she knows in her heart is right and true. Thank you for delivering her, mind, body and soul to Your family, and to ours. Thank you for her humor, for her mannerisms that you have woven into place that make her uniquely in the image of both her mother and me. Thank you for her intelligence, her determination, and her resilience. Thank you for her health, for her strength. and for her courage to face the future and to squeeze the most she can from every single day.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to live in the United States of America. Thank you for showing mercy on this nation for these many years, in spite of the terrible flaws that still exist within her borders. Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy, thank you for my fellow American patriots, who agree with our love for YOU, and thank you for injecting just enough reason in those people to compel them to help us choose a leader who apparently shares our love for You, and our trust in You. Please watch over our newly elected leaders, and please instill in them a wisdom and devotion to the godly principles that can lead to restoration of America as a truly Christian nation, 

I give thanks to You, Lord God, for each blessing in each day, from delicious and nourishing food and drink, to the magical joy of a Triptophan-induced nap. Thank You for the magical properties of bread, gravy, and the natural marriage of Turkey and stuffing. Thank You for blessing us with a feast, and for the knowledge that it was YOU that delivered it to our table. 

I give thanks for the many friends and acquaintances we have come to think of as family. Thank you for setting each of them on that path that allowed us to come to know each of them. Thank you for the many people who have become our regular listening audience, and for endearing them to us in our lives. Thank you for delivering each of them safely to their families this Thanksgiving.

I give thanks Lord, for the gift of health you have bestowed upon me. I thank you for delivering me safely into this day. I thank you for making it possible for me to walk this earth with ten toes, and for the attitude of defiance and persistence that as long as I am alive, I will choose to believe in YOUR MERCY and GRACE, especially when it defies physicians and it demonstrates the supernatural answer to earnest prayers and unwavering faith in YOU, Lord!

Please make my life a testimony to those who may never before have considered how miracles truly do happen, be they in hospitals, ambulance, helicopters or the open road.

Thank YOU, God, for granting us so many tender mercies which we tend to blindly overlook. Thank you for your unwavering patience with me. Thank you for your vested interest n each of us who truly call you Father, Lord and Savior.

This thanks I give for the countless blessings You have given to me, and Lord, thank-you is not enough. Please let my life speak a powerful testimony to the wavering and wayward souls who even today are still searching for meaning in life. Please open the eyes of those who seek peace, hope, and reason. Lord open their ears to your word, and open their hearts to your immense and unfaltering LOVE and MERCY!

Lastly I thank you God for your faithfulness to Your word, and for Your giving us this day, to share your word with the lost world. Please let us hit the target with our testimony of Your love, mercy and grace! Deliver Your word into the hearts of the seekers. Help us SHOW them Your Love, Your Truth, and bring these people home to YOU, Lord. 

This is the thanks I give to YOU, Lord.

USA Transnational Report 11-19-2016 Trump Cabinet taking shape

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  • Trump's Cabinet Picks and Methodology of Selection
    • Left would not let GWB get cabinet in place for nearly one year

·  Lobbyists out in Cabinet

  • National Security Advisor – Michael Flynn
  • Attorney General – Jeff Sessions
  • Director of CIA – Rep. Mike Pompeo (KS)
  • EPA – Myron Ebell, climate change “skeptic”
  • ? Sheriff David Clark- Homeland Security
  • ? Giuliani, Romney – Secretary of State
  • ? Mike Huckabee – Ambassador to Israel
  • Ford and Apple – keeping/returning manufacturing in USA
  • Anti-Trump anarchists and their backers
  • Federal regulations signed by Obama this week
  • Keith Ellison as DNC Chair – Muslim Brotherhood
  • Winston Churchill bust to be returned
  • “Alt-Right” idiocy
  • “Fake News” narrative.

Join us LIVE at 8:05am ET at or


The Greatest Threat to America? Barack the-lame-duck Obama. The JJ McCartney Show

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Beware the Lame Duck and Iron99 3:05pmET

On today's JJ McCartney Show, we'll reflect on the stages of grief being observed throughout Hollywood and the crazed left in show biz and the news-media(what's the difference???).

We'll talk about the mysterious flight of the DOOMSDAY PLANE over Denver this week, and the possible ties to Chem Trails and climate manipulation.

Plus we will talk about the frozen 14-year-old girl. Literally, Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" is looking more and more like biblical prophecy.

And HOW is it possible that the US dollar has risen to an all-time high all over the world since Donald Trump won the election? Wasn't that event supposed to trigger an economic apocalyse?You mean the main-stream media got something WRONG????

Join us for a tongue-in-cheek analysis of the looney left, today on The JJ McCartney Show at, or catch the live video stream on JJ's YouTube Channel!


One week from Thanksgiving, We announce the Thanksgiving TURKEY awards!

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Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

Tune in for the Thanksgiving TURKEY awards! We'll hand out our trophies of shame to the many deserving morons on the Mainstream media, who didn't even try to hide their bias in the past election, and whose foolishness and delusional out-of-touch perspective made them all look like the raving idiots they are.

So, with plenty of grace and class, we will play a compilation of the people who WON the award for being such colossal LOSERS.

Plus the latest news, commentary and perhaps even a little bit of humor and cynicism(but only if you ask nicely).

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at or OR LIVE video streaming on JJ's YouTube Channel!

Rassooli talks about the significance of Muslim Brotherhood being declared terrorist organization

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Trump targets Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization, but he must go further.

To really stop the Islamic Terrorist infiltration, Obama must declare CAIR, ISNA, MSA and all other off-shoots as well.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ and I.Q. Al Rassooli will shed light on the number of terrorist groups which are subsidiaries of the Muslim Brotherhood, and must root all of these organizations and their activists out of the Federal Government bureaucracies.

Also, we'll talk about the latest abomination from Barack Obama, who has gone on one last America-bashing trip around the world, trying to claim that Trump will not be able to do anything he promised during the campaign. What Obama fails to realize is that Trump is not a limp-wristed puppet, and will absolutely pursue his agenda with a clear mandate from the people of the United States of America.

We'll also discuss the reasons why Trump may not opt to prosecute the Clintons and the Obamas(or at least not right away).

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at or

Or watch the live video stream at JJ McCartney's YouTube Channel!


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