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Saturday at 8:05am ET: USA Transnational report- News at home and abroad

USA Transnational Report
USA-based, Worldwide Coverage and Analysis

LIVE Saturday (4/30) 8 AM EST!!!

Following a major foreign policy speech, Donald Trump on Tuesday swept five states and is running away with the nomination.  With approximately 1,000 delegates, he is positioned to reach the 1,237 mark before the convention in Cleveland.  Meanwhile, his closest competitor Ted Cruz picked his VP candidates in Carly Fiorina.  In Europe, Italian authorities arrested four would-be terrorists affiliated with ISIS, and Brussels began distributing iodine tablets (to counteract the effects of a potential dirty bomb).  Finally, with the official transition of the term "convicted criminal" to "justice-involved individual," the politically correct DOJ ushers in a new era in American Newspeak.

Topics of Discussion:
  • Donald Trump's Foreign Policy address
  • The State of Republican Primary
  • Europe's Terror Continues in Italy and Belgium
  • The DOJ's Newspeak Lexicon
  • Potential Implications of a Trump Nomination and Presidency
& more . . .
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USA Transnational Report
The USA Transnational Report ( is a citizens-driven news and analysis website that focuses on threats to the United States' security and sovereignty.  In close cooperation with retired military and intelligence, we strive for timely and accurate analysis of the day's most important national and international news.

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Friday: The latest from the campaign trail, Audrey Russo + The Colonel: Kerry the Idiot, Sheriff blasts Obama, ICE.

On the Friday edition of The JJ McCartney Show, JJ and Allison get together as we do each Friday with Audrey Russo(host of Reel Talk with Audrey Russo, heard at 9PM ET Friday nights), and the Mysterious Colonel. 

We'll hear the story of Sheriff Charles Jenkins of Frederick County, Mariland about the idiotic Obama policy of not deporting violent illegal immigrants, and how ICE's non-enforcement policy is harming citizens, and hampering Law Enforcement from protecting and serving the people in their jurisdictions.

We'll also talk about the phenomenal stupidity of John Kerry, who is either the stupidest and most incompetent boob to be named Secretary of State since Hillary Clinton, or a guy who is stupid on purpose to cover up his own evil intentions and the agenda of his closet-Muslim boss, Barack Obama.

We'll talk about the latest news, and take your calls too!

Join us at 3:05pm Eastern time at or!


Thursday:The JJ McCartney Show - Trump Speech -Replay

Okay, on The JJ McCartney SHow, we are going to do something quite rare, we are going to play Wednesday's show, because YOU need to hear DOnald Trump's foreign Policy speech and analysis.

We didn't have a chance to properly promote the show, so we are offering a chance to hear every word of Trump's speech, and our reaction to it.

Join us for the show at 3:05pm ET at or

Wednesday: Trump sweeps, Cruz weeps! Reaction to Tuesday's primary results

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we will break down the results of Donald Trump's MASSIVE sweep of all five GOP primaries Tuesday, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Mathematically speaking, if Ted Cruz were to win every delegate remaining in the remaining states, he could not reach the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination, while Trump appears on the fast-track to reaching that number based on the results of the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton a.k.a. "Hildebeast" is gaining while Bernie Sanders appears to be fading, running short on money and votes.

We'll hear what former house speaker Newt Gingrich thinks of things, plus Trump addresse the world.

Join us at 3:05pm ET at for the LIVE show, and be sure to share the show with all your friends!

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Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show: Fellow talk-host Andrea Shea King(Hr 1) and Dr. Mark Davis(Hr 2)

Join JJ today as his guest in hour 1 is Host of her own radio show, Andrea Shea King! Andrea is also a panelist on the USA Transnational Report heard here every Saturday at 8:05am Eastern on and

We'll cover the latest news of the day, including the Primaries being helpd today in several states.

In hour 2, Doctor and author Mark Davis joins us. We'll talk about Prince's death, and the dangerous combinatin of prescription medications which it is rumoured led to his death.

Plus we will take your phone calls too!

Join us at 3:05pm Eastern time at for the CURE for the COMMON show, The JJ McCartney Show!

Monday on The JJ McCartney Show: Evan Sayet, John Sitiledes, Monday Rundown

Join us today for an outstanding best-of-The JJ McCartney Show edition, featuring Evan Sayet, John Sitilides, and much more!

And a reminder, Tuesday we've got Andrea Shea King in hour 1 LIVE from Florida, as we talk about the lastest topics covered on Andrea's radio show, and we talk of the latest news topics.

In hour 2 of the Tuesday show, Dr. Mark Davis will join us LIVE, as we talk about the death of Prince, and the major story of Prince's alleged $40,000-a-month drug habit, and other stories of interest.

Hear the show LIVE at,, and Hear the delayed broadcasts on

USA Transnational Report: Saturday April 23rd guest Avi Melamed

USA Transnational Report
USA-based, Worldwide Coverage and Analysis

Special Guest Avi Melamed!
LIVE Saturday (4/23) 8 AM EST!!!

Avi Melamed is an internationally acclaimed Middle East expert.  He is a former Senior official on Arab Affairs and Intelligence official, and is now an independent Middle East strategic intelligence analyst, private lecturer, and Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs at the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College.  Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, he has spent decades operating in Arab cities throughout the region, often in high-risk positions at sensitive times.  Melamed is also author of the new book, Inside the Middle East.  

Visit his website at  

Topics of Discussion:
  • Middle East Update
  • Domestic and International Headlines
& more . . .
You can listen to USA Transnational Report live on JJ McCartney's Nightside Radio

(You can also listen at
Call-in #: 855-853-5227

Friday: Audrey Russo, Allison and the Colonel, and the latest breaking news

Friday promises to be an action-packed show, as Audrey Russo and the Colonel join JJ and Allison to discuss a variety of topics, included still more reasons to defeat Hillary Clinton and the left in November!

Plus Russia has at least twice fired at Israeli military planes. Weather Channel founder says its time to get politics out of climate debate(as wackly left continues to fabricate man-made climate change stories which are based on cooked data.

And Obamacare is going to break the piggy-bank in 2017.

All this plus YOUR calls too. Join us from 3 to 5pm Eastern time for The JJ McCartney SHow: The CURE for the common show!

Heard LIVE at,,, and


Thursday: Musician PRINCE dead at 57.Obama stokes racial division with Tubman $20 plan, plus Author Patrick Fornari

W're going to have some BIG conversation today regarding the obviously racist agenda of Barack Obama regarding the removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill, and the addition of Harriet Tubman to the currency.

We'll also talk about the incident of false threats against black students at a university, and the consequences for the false-flag threats made by a black female alumn of the university.

And we'll be joined in hour 2 by author Patrick Fornari, whose book, "Commoner Sense" is a true American assessment of the insanity of the left and their "political correctness" which they use to try to bludgeon patriots.

We'll also be taking your phone calls, so be sure to join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at, also live on and


Wednesday: I.Q. Al Rassooli exposes the true evil faces of Mohammed and Islam

It's Wednesday at The JJ McCartney Show, and THAT means IQ Al Rassooli will be with us for the whole show. Everu Wednesday we chat with I.Q., and hisexpertise is exposing Islam for what it truly is: A violent, murderous cult belief system whose very name(Islam) means to force submission upon the world.

People who cannot fight back against Islamic terror are slaughtered en masse. Those equipped to fight back are immeasurably safer than those who are defenseless. Remember that the next time some bleeding-heart liberal tries to take away your guns!

Schools are designated gun-free zones. On this 17th anniversary of the Columbine massacre, liberals still try to exploit the tragedy in their effort to strip away the 2nd-Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Harris and Klebold had much in common with Islam. 

Hear I.Q. destroy Islam by quoting directly from their Quran.

The ultimate weapon against Islam is TRUTH, and I.Q. brings a huge bag of truth today from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at and

Also heard LIVE at 

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