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The Trump Effect: Primary in Florida draws record number of republicans Plus IQ Al Rassooli

Hillary picks a new top adviser?

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we'll share some numbers from the Florida primaries Tuesday, and how that bodes for the presidential race/Meanwhile Donald Trump has widened his nationwide lead over Hillary in the latest LA Times poll, recognized as the most accurate and scientific poll tracking the race. Trump now leads Hillary by 4% and gaining.

IQ Al Rassooli will be with us, as we discuss the anger and frustration America's voters are feeling with the establishment politicians and the mainstream media's refusal to acknowledge Islamic terrorism and address Islam specifically for what it is: A Terrorist Group.

Plus Sheriff Joe Arpaio easily clobbers his primary challengers in Arizona. Sadly, so did John McCain. 

And the mainstream media begins loosing their footing, as they can no longer protect and prop up Hillary, as the internal numbers indicate a Trump Landslide is imminent.

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These people are OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!! JJ McCartney and Pastor Carl Gallups take on the MADNESS of the LGBT agenda!


The past 8 years have been a remarkable period of lunacy run amok.

Elementary educators are being instructed not to use gender-pronouns like HE and SHE.

Gender neutrality on colleges and universities are now prohibiting such pronouns and more, like "Freshman", "Mankind", "Spokesman", "Cleaning Lady", "Manager", "Policeman", "Congressman", et cetera.

And we have also seen an alarming increase in pro-LGBT parents foisting transgenderism on children as young as 2, and projecting their own sexual depravities on a poor, innocent child. This is not only harmful to the child, but to all children who are force-fed absolute tolerance for any kind of homosexuality of sexual dysfuntion which is now being declared "normal" in spite of the fact that it is absolutely NOT the norm.

Homosexuality is deviant behavior, always has been, always will be. Humanity can shake their collective fist at God and claim that either God doesn't exist, or that God makes mistakes with these gender-fluid people.

We'll be declaring the absolute truth about the agenda of the LGBTQ radicals, and we'll tell you why America has only one chance to be blessed by God, and that is by restoring this nation as a morally upright Christian nation of laws, morals, and traditional family values, which center on the nuclear family: A natural-born Male Father, a natural-born Female Mother and their biological and/or adopted children. That is God's design for humanity, and anything that tampers with that basic building block of a morally upright society. America needs to repent, turn back to God, and pray forgiveness for our great sin: Abortion, Homosexuality, and the expulson of God and any Godly texts or references in our classrooms, courtrooms and public squares.

America, you have one last chance to save our nation. 

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The Monday Rundown: While terrorists plot destruction, Morons forsake America's flag & anthem

And the winner of best Drudge headline of ALL TIME:

And this just in: Huma Abedin has separated from her husband, Anthony Weiner after he was caugfht in yet another "sexting" scandal. Now she is going Weiner-free and color-coordinating with Hillary. Weiner, a former congressman who was forced to exit congfress after being caught in a sexting scandal in which he posted pictures of his genitalia in a series of messages with women NOT named Huma.

The JJ McCartney Show: Have a cup of Common Sense on US!It's Monday, the 29th of August, and the media is giving way too much time and attention to a young punk football player who at 25 is already past his prime, and who has decided to try and get more attention by refusing to stand for the National Anthem before games. Since he cannot get any attention because he isn't even good enough to start fo his team, we'll be content to ignore him completely and move on to real news which the media is covering up as much as they can.

Yes, it is true, Hillary Clinton was using the Clinton Foundation to sell access to the State Department to big donors. The proof is in the emails leaked by Wikileaks. Some people hate Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who is living in exile at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. They hate him as much as anything because he has released information which is devastating to the democrats and Hillary Clinton. The leaked emails are a whole buch of smoking guns, which prove what Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin and the rest of her band of she-devils did at the State Department.

Also in the news, the FBI says foreign hackers penetrated State Election systems. Shocking, how the electronic election systems are susceptible to hackers, isn't it? But hey, it is only the integrity of our electoral system, so why worry?And as Obamacare melts down and misses the mark in terms of projections that Obama and his minions promised when they rolled out this albatross, Americans are facing crippling increases, IF they can afford healthcare at all! We'll do the simple arithmetic today.

And we'll talk about management styles, what works, what doesn't, and the psychological makeup of a bad manager. Call it a chance to evaluate and criticize YOUR boss, or someone you know who is letting the 'power' go to their egg-shaped head!

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T.G.I.F. JJ McCartney Dazzles with FACTS and TRUTH!

It's Friday, and That means it's time to cut loose and have some FUN on The JJ McCartney Show!We have Random SOundbytes, we have the latest news, and we have the Genuine Patriot's heart and soul. We have Billy Vanilli, and we have a report on the First Amendment from Infowar's Owen Shroyer!Also, we have stories about how whiny and thin-skinned liberals really are!And we also have a very unique peek into how Donald Trump will lead America into massive job-creation!All that plus YOUR calls too!Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.comAlso heard LIVE at

Mainstream Polls HEAVILY weighted Democrat. The TRUTH behind the "polls" on Thursday's JJ McCartney Show

Don't Think Too Much about polls showing a dead heat. The Media Polls are as PHONY as Hillary Clinton!

When it comes to truth in media, don't believe anything you hear from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or FOX. The major Newspaper syndicates and media sgencies like Reuters, Associated Press and UPI are spoon-feeding low-information voters propaganda directly from the DNC and the White House.Recall Donald Trump's acceptance speech from the Republican National Convention.

Now recall how every single network, every news outlet as if being computer-programmed robots began calling it a "dark speech". That was no coincidence. These mainstream media outlets are NOT reporting facts. They are being used as an activist wing of the establishment globalist political machinery. They are all bought and paid for by globalist mega-corporations, and they do not DARE tell the truth, but since we are not constrained by global interests, we will tell you the ABSOLUTE truth.Donald Trump is ahead nationwide by not less than ten points.

Trump leads among male voters by 35% nationwide. Among women, Trump leads by 8% and no matter how you slice it up demographically, Trump is making major gains in all ethnicities and groups, while Hillary is losing support among every group. Like I said, the mainstream press will not report these real numbers because they are trying to sell the nation on two LIES:

A- The LIE that this race will be close

B- The LIE that Hillary is in the lead.

The methodology of these polls is so convoluted and heavily weighted to the left that most will not even divulge the percentages of Dems and Republicans polled, and they have even gone as far as tallying all "undecided voters" as Hillary voters. But even with all that chicanary, they cannot get Hillary closer than 1 percentage point of Trump, try as they might.So what are the REAL numbers?

Well, that is a story which must begin with up-front questions on the minds of potential voters:

WHAT are the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES to the voters of the United States?

1- National Security/Defeat Radical Islam/Stronger Military/Illegal Immigration and terrorist Muslim "refugees" and BUILD THE WALL(79%)

2- Jobs/Economy/Repeal Obamacare(*go back to healthcare system as it was before Obama)/Improve Veterans Benefits/Reject trade deals that are bad for American workers. (75%)

3- Term Limits/eliminate lobbyists access to lawmakers/election finance reform(75%)

4- Protecting the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms: (65%)

5- Cut Government waste and spending, Eliminate welfare fraud and deport Illegal Immigrants(59%)

6- Containing the power of the Federal Government/abolish the IRS/eliminate illegal executive orders(57%)

7- Allow energy production in the U.S./eliminate dependance on foreign oil/build the Keystone pipeline/cut regulations on Coal.(56%)

8- Protect the Constitution from activist judges.(55%)

9- Defend right of Americans to refuse to participate in gay marriage for religeous or personal reasons.(55%)

10-  Defend the rights of the unborn.(55%)Those are the top ten things on the minds of the voters.

What items were at the absolute BOTTOM of the list?

LGBT rights/Transgender bathrooms/Gays in Military/Gun Violence/Police ShootingsYes, it has finally happened.

American voters are realizing how completely out-of-touch the Democrats and Hillary Clinton truly are. And all the while, the sycophants on the left keep pretending that THEY set the agenda for the voters, instead of the other way around.Thus the stage is set for a historic landslide in November. And there isn't a thing that hapless Crooked Hillary can do about it. 

Join us Thursday at 3:05pm ET at as we blow the lid off the lying mainstream media and their bogus polls.

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Wednesday: The Professor: I.Q. Al Rassooli delivers a free lesson in Obama's nefarious refugee plan

On Wednesdays, we welcome our good friend and mentor regarding all things Muslim, I.Q.(Ibn) Al Rassooli!This show is part college-level curriculum on the evil establishment of Islam, and as I.Q. likes to say, Muhammed's whore-house version of paradise. Those 72 virgins that Muhammed suggested would await martys in the cause of Islam are a cruel joke.

The politically correct people who claim Islam is a "religion of peace" are fools on the highest order. I.Q. instead tells the truth, the Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of piss!Yes, it is true, we don't speak political correctness. Instead, we tell the TRUTH.Tune in for the LIVE show at 3:05pm Eastern time.

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Tuesday: Former U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations Richard Grenell talks Intelligence, U.N.

Tuesday: A new guest to the show!

Join JJ McCartney for a great Tuesday show, as we welcome former US Pokesman at the United Nations Richard Grenell.

We'll talk about the intel briefings that both major presidential candidates are privvy to at this stage of the election, and also we'll explore whether the United Nations serves any useful purpose for the people of the United States.

Plus the news of the day and YOUR phone calls, too!

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Monday: Author Alex Markovsky tells all about Marxism in America(aka the Democrat Party)

Monday on The JJ McCartney Show:

Alex Markovsky
Author of the book Liberal Bolshevism: America Did Not Defeat Communism, She Adopted It

Alex joins us Monday at 3:05pm Eastern time to talk about the book, which exposes how instead of defeating communism, America, subtly at first, became infected by communism dressed up in sheep's clothing(the Democrat party).

Amazon describes the book:

Written by a Soviet émigré and scholar of Marxism, the book begins with the author’s recounting of the end of the Cold War. Despite the common perception that democracy defeated communism, the author presents evidence that the Democratic Party has adopted Marxism in a new philosophy he calls Liberal Bolshevism. Mr. Markovsky trucks the origins of Liberal Bolshevism back to the policies of Woodrow Wilson and FDR and chronicles the transformation of the Democratic Party into the Social Democratic Party. 

Through the prism of Marxism the author traces the rhythms and patterns of the toxic amalgamation of liberalism and socialism from Lenin to Obama and binds together the Democratic Party’s policies into a Marxist-socialist cause that American Social Democrats, just like their Soviet predecessors, are committed to achieving at all costs. 

Alex Markovsky is high-energy, and puts liberalism in it's place like few people can. Who better to expose the socialist Democrats than a Russian emigrant who knows all too well the cruelty and sadistic evil of communism?

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: 3 years ago today! The JJ McCartney Show commemorates/CELEBRATES!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! The JJ McCartney Show celebrates our 3rd Anniversary today!

We're celebrating our third anniversary today with a great retrospective look back, and a glimpse into the future as well! Celebrate with us today by calling into the show, to help us add your name to the list of guests and friends!

The show starts at 3:05pm Eastern time here at and our toll-free phone number is 855-853-5227 inside the U.S. 

For our international audience, dial the country code for the U.S., then dial 402-858-1938

We'll be hearing from many of our friends today, including Dr. Jim Garrow, Scott Adams and Leonora Cravotta, and many more.

Plus of course we will be covering breaking news stories, including bad news from Fukushima, and Trump wins hearts in North Carolina with his best speech yet.

Please share the show with all your social networks, and remember, our facebook page is while our Twitter handle is @JJMcCartneyLive and of course look for our Youtube page at


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The eve of a milestone: The JJ McCartney Show celebrates 3 years Friday with a blockbuster of a show

Three years ago, on the eve of our first show, JJ sat at his computer, and tried to prepare the material for that first show. It was to be topical. It was to be prescient. It was to be brutally honest. And it was to be just the beginning.

As that first couple of weeks went by, some themes emerged, which have carried over to today.

1- We do not argue with liberals, because liberals are mentally diseased, and as such, it would not be a fair fight. 

2- The three pillars of our economic recover will be:   A- Smaller Government  B- Lower Taxes  C- Less Regulation 

3- Unapologetically Christian Conservative

4- Based on it's historic record of failure after failure throughout the past century, Liberalism is it's own indictment

5- There are more of US than there are of THEM

6- Allah is NOT God. 


These themes are not debatable. The truth is MOST Americans would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton. She is a grotesque, repugnant, repulsive shrill and bitter hater. Her positions, every last one of them are the antithesis of good, righteousness, fairness, life-affirming, respectful, patriotic and American values. Hillary Clinton is the most flawed candidate in the history of the American presidency.

Oh, one last thing: JJ doesn't mince words.

Join us LIVE today for a loaded show, as we bring news headlines and opinion unmatched anywhere in radio and the blogosphere.

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