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Monday: Dr. Mark Davis explains Obamacare's first casualty of the new Fiscal year, plus Hillary wants a massive gun-grab

Today we've got Dr, Mark Davis with us, to walk us through the first large-scale casualty of the new fiscal year because of Obamacare.

We'll also discuss world events, including what is happening to volunteers with organizations like Doctors without Borders, and why conditions in northern Africa are dire indeed for Christians.

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Friday: JJ and Reel Talk's Audrey Russo squash the Left like a bug! Featured

It's FRIDAY!!! Fridays are always fun with Reel Talk's Audrey Russo joining JJ for a show that balances serious political analysis, world and national news, with just the right amount of levity and light-hearted news.









Yes, we take our mission seriously, to restore America morally, spiritually and militarily. But we all need to laugh, appreciate the day that God has given us, and not always dwell on what is WRONG in the world.

We'll talk about the latest developments in Syria and the Middle East, as well as alarming news regarding the fleets of busses transporting illegal Muslim immigrants into the U.S. by the Department of Homeland Security.

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