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The Monday that changed the World: The Gospel according to an American Christian Patriot Featured

JJ McCartney preaches the gospel: America's last chance to turn back to God and forsake the nationa's most shameful sins.

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The JJ McCartney Show: Dems hiding Seth Rich ties to Wikileaks. Smoking gun?? Plus the Colonel Featured

Democrats covering up Seth Rich ties to Wikileaks. 

The SMOKING GUN?? Details at Noon ET at


  • The Mysterious Colonel
  • The climate scam and PROOF that global warming is the mother of all HOAXES!]
  • Details of the Trump/Putin meeting at the G20 summit.
  • Brownshirts in Hamburg try to disrupt G20 Summit.
  • Jobs growth in June
  • Trump's economy rebounding nicely!
  • Plus YOUR phone calls!

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URGENT: Friday July 7th 2017: Due to unexpected expenses, we need your help TODAY. Featured


Folks, for almost 4 years, we have been flying by the seat of our pants here at The JJ McCartney Show.

Today we need your help and we need it urgently. Our situiation is critical, and due to unforseen expenses, we need help as soon as humanly possible.

Our donate button at the topright of your screen is the fastest and easiest way to help. And due to the natuire of the sitiuation, speed is of the essence.

Any help you can give will help us to get apove water, but right now we are in a serious situiation. 

Please give as the Lord leads.

and please pray for our situiation.

Thank you



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