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Obama's last 18 days: Subterfuge and Obnoxious Defiance

Obama's Impudent, Sleazy, Bitter Defiance and effort to do permanent damage the next 18 days.

  • We've said it since tthe 2014 mid-term elections: Obama would be the most dangerous president ever after the election.
  • Obama is in a total destruction mode. 
  • Regulations(thousands of pages of them), Executive Orders, Misapplication of law, and a clear and present threat to national sovereignty.
  • Obama is kicking and screaming, and undermining President Donald Trump.
  • Join JJ McCartney LIVE Tuesday January 3rd for an absolutely devastating expose of Barry Soetoro.
  • Enjoy our best-of episode Monday, and we will see you on Tuesday with a brand new episode.

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