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Monday: When the Lion Roars: Pastor Carl Gallups a Best-Seller yet again!

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Monday September 26th: Pastor Carl Gallups is JJ's guest on The JJ McCartney Show

Warning issued that 'The Lion Of Prophecy' is roaring

With nations warring over biblical battlegrounds, traditional morality under assault, and the civilization once called Christendom teetering on the brink of collapse, it's a time of confusion and fear for believers worldwide. But there's a guide for Christians in these troubled days, as Pastor Carl Gallups has written "When the Lion Roars: Understanding the Implications of…

Tuesday: JJ McCartney welcomes Maia Koz to share her thoughts plus the Indiana theatrics of Ted Cruz

On today's episode of The JJ McCartney Show, we welcome Maia Koz back to the show, and we talk about the latest news from around the word and here at home.

We'll set up the scenario for the Indiana primary, and ask a simple question: Is Ted Cruz clinically insane? Delusional? or is he just that desperate? We don't have to ask such questions about Glenn Beck. 

Join us at 3:05pm Eastern time for a GREAT show at www.jjmccartney.com or www.RedStateTalkRadio.com

Thursday:The JJ McCartney Show - Trump Speech -Replay

Okay, gang...today on The JJ McCartney SHow, we are going to do something quite rare, we are going to play Wednesday's show, because YOU need to hear DOnald Trump's foreign Policy speech and analysis.

We didn't have a chance to properly promote the show, so we are offering a chance to hear every word of Trump's speech, and our reaction to it.

Join us for the show at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com

Wednesday: Trump sweeps, Cruz weeps! Reaction to Tuesday's primary results

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we will break down the results of Donald Trump's MASSIVE sweep of all five GOP primaries Tuesday, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Mathematically speaking, if Ted Cruz were to win every delegate remaining in the remaining states, he could not reach the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination, while Trump appears on the fast-track to reaching that number based on the results of the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton a.k.a. "Hildebeast" is gaining while Bernie Sanders appears to be fading, running short on money and votes.

We'll hear what former house speaker Newt Gingrich thinks of things, plus Trump addresse the world.

Join us at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com for the LIVE show, and be sure to share the show with all your friends!

On Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/jjmccartneyradio Our Twitter handle is @JJMCCartneyLIVE 


Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show: Fellow talk-host Andrea Shea King(Hr 1) and Dr. Mark Davis(Hr 2)

Join JJ today as his guest in hour 1 is Host of her own radio show, Andrea Shea King! Andrea is also a panelist on the USA Transnational Report heard here every Saturday at 8:05am Eastern on JJMcCartney.com and RedStateTalkRadio.com.

We'll cover the latest news of the day, including the Primaries being helpd today in several states.

In hour 2, Doctor and author Mark Davis joins us. We'll talk about Prince's death, and the dangerous combinatin of prescription medications which it is rumoured led to his death.

Plus we will take your phone calls too!

Join us at 3:05pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com for the CURE for the COMMON show, The JJ McCartney Show!

Thursday: Musician PRINCE dead at 57.Obama stokes racial division with Tubman $20 plan, plus Author Patrick Fornari

W're going to have some BIG conversation today regarding the obviously racist agenda of Barack Obama regarding the removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill, and the addition of Harriet Tubman to the currency.

We'll also talk about the incident of false threats against black students at a university, and the consequences for the false-flag threats made by a black female alumn of the university.

And we'll be joined in hour 2 by author Patrick Fornari, whose book, "Commoner Sense" is a true American assessment of the insanity of the left and their "political correctness" which they use to try to bludgeon patriots.

We'll also be taking your phone calls, so be sure to join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com, also live on www.redstatetalkradio.com and www.therockNHCR.com


Friday: Judge calls IRS "Untrustworthy". Merkel paves way for Sharia, and Minnesota mosque is terrorist university

It's Friday! And today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ pulls out all the stops and brings you deep thought, reason, and defiance of those who insist on political correctness!

Audrey Russo is on assignment this week, so we'll encourage your phone calls, plus the Mysterious Colonel will entertain us with his ongoing stand-up routine!

We'll cover a wide variety of items fresh from all the best sources on the planet. 

Join us weekdays from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com or www.RedStateTalkRadio.com 

The JJ McCartney Show is also heard on www.therocknhcr.com and FreedomInAmericaRadio.com


Wednesday: I.Q. Al Rassooli joins JJ for a LIVELY show!

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm Eastern for The JJ MCartney Show with guest, author and expert on Islam and their platform of terror I.Q. Al Rassooli!

Phone lines will be open, and we are going to tackle the tough questions of the day. 

Join us every weekday from 3-5pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com


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