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Senate goes Nuclear: Gorsuch expected to be confirmed

Nuclear: Senate engages rules change to move ahead with Gorsuch Nomination. Listen LIVE for the details.

Plus the bizarre account of an unhinged, racist hate-crime committed by a crazy black woman:

'Sick of fancy white people,' woman goes on bloody rampage

White beating victim of black woman ‘sick of fancy white people' A Massachusetts couple returning home from a Florida vacation got the surprise of their lives when an enraged black woman, who shouted she was "sick of fancy white people," assaulted the pair while they filled their tank at a Virginia gas station. The couple, driving…

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Left loons hack McD's Twitter, blast President Trump. Trump budget slashes NPR, PBS, NEA to the bone

Leftists expose their true objectives in McDonald's tweet.

Sayonara, Mayor McCheese 

  • Fed rate hike: .25%
  • Holland election results show right is gaining ground(despite what the lame-stream media says)
  • Brexit updat: May close to pulling the trigger
  • Beware exploding headphones at 35,000 feet
  • Orovulle Dam update: spillway to be tested soon.
  • plus: bepreaking news as it happens

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Wednesday on The JJ McCartney Show: Words that pierce the darkness with IQ Al Rassooli

  • Published in Politics

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from Noon to 3pm Eastern time with the latest news, I.Q. Al Rassooli, and more truth than the lame-stream media tells in a year!

We've got open phone lines, the best guests, and there are no sacred cows we won't discuss to spare anybody's "feelings".

And with all the news breaking around the world, rely on us to tell the unvarnished truth, call people out for their lies, and expose any corruption of criminal activities that the so-called elites in the hallowed halls of power who believe they are above the law.

Share the show with your friends, on your social networks, and door-to-door if necessary...but help us get the word out, while we still have time to help President Trump and his crew make the nbecessary course corrections before America runs aground!

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What the Drudge?? Why does Drudge dwell so much on what Madonna thinks about Trump?

JJ McCartney: WHAT the DRUDGE???>

Perhaps I am too sensitive. But lately I have grown weary of the Drudge Report's obsession with Madonna. First she romised oral sex to voters who voted for Hillary Clinton. The only reason this evil woman is still in the public eye is because the media gives her that platform. I could understand if it were CNN, MSNBC, or the other alphabet-networks. But the Drudge Report of late seems to have steered itself into being your 24-hour Jay-Z/Beyonce/Madonna/Kanye/Kardashian bulletin board.

Meanwhile, in the world, real significant stuff is treated like fluff, because of the nonsense it is surrounded by. The Drudge Report has been an important part of the new media revolution, but it frustrates me when I see Drudge seeming to try to compete with the likes of TMZ or the Weekly World News, it makes me tend to not take Matt Drudge as seriously as I think he should be.

So enough, already with the updates on who is leaving the country, WE DO NOT CARE. So what if Madonna is suicidal because Trump won. WE DO NOT CARE. And enough already about the Sex Robot trend of sleeping with the stars. STOP already. Your website sometimes deserves an X-rating. Kids should be safe when they go to your site, Mr. Drudge. Or have you sold out to the pop culture? If so, sayonara Drudge.

Today we'll feature the new, and the definitely fake "Fake-News" narrative of the left.

As the looney left always does, they try to project what they are guilty of on their political and ideological foes.

So they try to label Drudge, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and many others as "fake news" sites. Never mind the fact that he left fabricated a story about George W. Bush's National Guard service, or that they would take the CLionton's word as gspel, never challenging or fact-checking the Clintons. Then there is the whole of MSNBC, the fakest of the real fake-news. Then there was fake-CNN, fake CBS, Fake-NBC and Fake-ABC's election coverage, their pollsters putting their thumb on the scale for Hillary, which is why the narrative the last week was that Hillary was ahead comfortably in the polls.

The Fake New-York-Times, the FakeWashington Post, and the fake Wall Street Journal predicted financial collapse if Trump won.

So why aren't any of those Fake-news entities attacked by the Fake media for being Fake-news? REAL Fake news???

The bottom line? YOU need to change where and from whom you get your news.

We've made no secret about our disdain for the news media. So much so that we no longer subscribe to either Satellite or cable news. It's all hogwash. Why would you pay these people who are trying to propagandize you and brainwash your kids?

Demand better. And short of that, do not pay to support ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, and yes, even Fox. Do you really want your money going to pay News-bimbo Megyn Kelly's $20,000,000 salary? 

Vote with your pocketbook. And make sure they know why. Togeher, we can literally move mountains. 

Also on Tuesday's show. we'll talk about Trump's meeting with Al Gore, and his tactic of silencing the left-wing by patronizing them heading toward inauguration day. No promises made, no compromise, but let them think you listened and cared. It cost us nothing, and it is a brilliant tactic.

And China is trying to intimidate Trump after his phone conversation with the Taiwanese President. Just wait until you hear how Trump is handling them!

Plus YOUR calls TODAY on The JJ McCartney Show

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USA Transnational Report: 8AM ET Guest: Dr/ Rich Swier

USA Transnational Report - Saturday (3/12) Guest Dr. Rich Swier!! LIVE 8AM EST

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USA Transnational Report
USA-based, Worldwide Coverage and Analysis

LIVE Saturday (3/12) 8 AM EST!!!

Rich is a 23-year Army veteran who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1990. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for his years of service. Additionally, he was awarded two Bronze Stars with “V” for Heroism in ground combat, the Presidential Unit Citation, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry while serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. Visit his website here: www.drrichswier.com

Topics of Discussion:
  • Europe's new Right Wing Approach - The way of the future?
  • RIP Nancy Reagan
  • ISIS Membership Cache Discovered
  • Update on 2016 Primaries
  • Netanyahu Says NO! to Obama Meeting
  • Iran and North Korea test nuclear missiles!
& more . . .
You can listen to USA Transnational Report live on JJ McCartney's Nightside Radio Studios.

You can also listen Red State Talk Radio, Studio A!

Call-in #: 855-853-5227

Thursday: RINO's latest TOOL: Romney debuts his Kabuki theater bashing Trump, plus MUCH more

Like a bad rash, Mitt Romney has surfaced once again addressing a "friendly" crowd in Utah, bashing Donald Trump in the most harsh attacks yet on the Donald.

Romney's words ring hollow compared to what he has said about Trump very recently. 

Plus is it the Apocalypse in Argentina?

And the Justice Department grants immunity to Clinton staffer who worked on her private email server.

Plus we unmask the Democrats for the radical extremists they are!

Plus YOUR phone calls...showtime is 3:05PM Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com(Studio A)

Friday: Audrey Russo, a troubling vision, and the Debatable GOP

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we welcome back Audrey Russo, plus we'll talk about last night's GOP debate, and why it was a good thing!

Also, the economy is nosediving today, on the heels of an announcment by Walmart that they will be shutting down hundreds of stores in the U.S. and around the world.

Plus JJ shares details about a vision he had in a dream last night which only affirms the urgency of our mission of getting people to wake up from their slumbering and get their souls and their households prepared for the coming calamity.

The show is LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com(Studio A)

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