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Marching on: Obliterating the Lies of Leftist, Marxist, Communist, Muslim Obama

Obama's premeditated sedition: Time to arrest Obama, Soros and other co-conspirators who have been actively undermining and usurping democratically elected President Trump.

The wheels never stop turning at The JJ McCartney Show. 

Upcoming THIS Week at The JJ McCartney Show:

  • Obama bugged Trump Towers BEFORE the election!
  • Trump compares to Nixon/Watergate
  • Schumer/Dems plan to obstruct Trump appointments/presercve Deep State
  • A victory for First Amendment freedom of Religion
  • Proof of left's systemic fascist anti-Israel ties
  • 64 ways Obama is sabotaging Trump
  • and MUCH MUCH more!
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Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Andrea Shea King, News, and 16-year-old Autumn!

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​ JJ McCartney, now heard in fine-arts museums and exhibits throughout the greater Sheboygan area!!

JJ McCartney: The CURE for the Common Show!

 Join JJ McCartney LIVE at Noon ET with the latest news and the Radio Patriot herself, Andrea Shea King!  

And all the news the so-called main-stream media conveniently forgot to tell you about, and we are going to chop up the liars on the left, the same way a Cuisinart chops up your fresh radishes and celery!

And a special guest in hour 3, 16-year-old Autumn speaks out on the topic of choosing LIFE, and confronting Teen Voge for a disgusting article suggesting gifts and/or gag-gifts to give your young friends who've just had an abortion.

The "Feminist Movement" is nothing more than a breeding ground for militant Social Justice Warriors, Marching angry lesbians and man-haters. Hear what this courageous young lady has to say, and share it with your friends, especially your smart younger friends.

Tell all your friends to join us weekdays from Noon to 3pm Eastern time for the CURE for the Common Show!

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Friday: Trump speaks at CPAC- While Therapist Couches are Flooded with Snowflakes!

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JJ McCartney shares part of Trump's CPAC address, plyus breaking news, a ball dropped by the Justice Department, and assessing the priority list of the Trump Administration, and when will they repeal Obamacare?

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Fukushima, Oroville Dam Updates, plus Susan Michael of Int. Christian Embassy Jerusalem on Netanyahu visit to U.S.

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No Pun Intended, California...

But we are "flooded" today with news headlines today at The JJ McCartney Show

Among the stories we'll bring you today:

Netanyahu visits Trump at White House

Freedom Watch asks Federal Judge for emergency hearing to stop NSA 'spying' on Trump

U.S. Spies eping Intelligence from President Trump over "leak concerns"

Update on the Oroville Dam

Fukushima update: Plan to use "Scorpion Robot" scrapped as meltdowns pose unprecedented threat

Terror attacks in Pakistan, Iraq kill at least 70

Plus our guest in hour three of the shoe is Susan Michael of Int. Christian Embassy Jerusalem talks Netanyahu visit

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State Department insider: The plan was fraught with Monkey Business. Plus IQ Al Rassooli

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

  • State Department insider exposes "refugee program" corruption. 
  • Republicans acting like scaredy-cats, afraid of dangerous snowflakes.
  • RINO's pushing Carbon Tax at White House Meeting(CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONES?)
  • Putin orders Russian Air Force: Be prepared to launch attacks ANY MINUTE.
  • Petition to fire Secret Service agen who declared she "wouldn't take a bullet for Trump".
  • Visa Officer: Obama failed to do "basic screenings" of Muslim refugees.

PLUS: IQ Al Rassooli LIVE!

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Berkley- Fringe left trying to topple Civil Society as World War threats loom. Plus Pastor Carl Gallups


Thug Obama behind riots, demonstrations, attacks on Civil Society.

Join us LIVE today at 3:05pm Eastern time  as we welcome author and Pastor Carl Gallups to the show, to discuss the unrest and violence and attacks on civil society in the United States. The latest round of staged, fake protests was last night at the University of California's Berkley campus, where Milo Yiannopolis of Breitbart.com was scheduled to give a lecture.

  • The attackers(let's call them what they are) lit fires, attacked Trump supporters(leaving at least one man unconscious), and chanted their latest motto: 'This is War!'
  • We will du\iscuss the contrived "protests" and expose the real driving force behind such riots.(George Soros $$ and Obama's community organizing/thug skills)
  • We'll also talk about the drumbeats of war,  Iran openly defies U.N. resolutions and terms of the "nuclear deal", as they launch ballistic missiles and test not only the missiles, but the patience of Israel and the United States.
  • Plus, the prison riot in Delaware, which the inmates claim was their way of protesting Donald Trump. You just can't make this stuff up, folks!

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com, or watch the LIVE video stream at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney


On the Leading Edge, America anticipates an Historic Trump Presidency. Michael Cutler, Carl Gallups on Today's JJ McCartney Show

America on the Verge of an Historic Trump Presidency

In less than 8 days, Donald J. Trump will be the President of the United States. As America anticipates the Inauguration on January 2oth at high noon, the new President is hard at work to make his agenda come to fruition.

Already Trump has wielded a remarkable amount of influence on automakers, maufacturers, and he has also given our North American neighbors strike a conciliatory chord regarding re-negotiating NAFTA. At the same time, leaders on Capitol Hill are preparing to repeal Obamacare and deliver meaningful tax relief to both the American working-class, but also to corporations whose tax rates were the highest in the industrialized world.

In truth, since election day, President-elect Trump has already had more of an impact on job-creation(outside of the government) than Barack Obama and George W. Bush combined. 

Now it's time to focus on priorities for the early phase of the Trump Administration. Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com or watch the live video stream at www.YouTube.com/c/jjmccartney with our guest in Hour 2 for first time in 2017, bestselling author and Pastor Carl Gallups. We'll talk about the spiritual aspects of the Trump election, and the significance of biblical scripture on the election of 2016.All of this and much more, today at 3:05pm ET!

Also, be sure to join us for the following exciting lineup of shows:

Friday January 13th: Andrea Shea King

Monday January 16th: John B. Wells

Tuesday January 17th: Brendi Richards

Wednesday January 18th: I.Q. Al Rassooli

Thursday January 19th: Dr. Dave Janda

Friday January 20th(Inauguration: Special coverage): The Mysterious Colonel Leonora Cravotta, Andrea Shea King and more!

Is American Catastrophe around the corner, or are rich aristocrats just paranoid?

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Is an American Catastrophe about to happen? Why are "elitists" preparing for an American Apocalypse?

Achmed the dead terrorist recommends the ultimate exercise gear for the doomsday prepper: "The Apocalipticle".

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: 

We'll talk about the panic among the elitists across the country, and why they seem to be anticipating a major catastrophe of some sort. We of course have been warning that something could happen in an effort to prompt Barry Soetoro to declare a national emergency and martial law. But thanks to people like Alex Jones, JJ McCartney, Gary Franchi and Paul Preston, a false-flag attack would be easily recognized and defined in the alternative media would wield the power to negate the misinformation from the lame duck Obammy administration. The new alternative media is now dominating the so-called "mainstream" media in every way. 

The old media no longer controls the narrative, and so there is no amount of misinformation or "fake news" can neutralize the true information flowing from our websites, streams and podcasts. Nothing the left throws at us will dissuade us. They cannot silence us. 

We'll discuss the cure for the panic of the left, and why Donald Trump has engendered such rage from the left.

Plus, Dr. Mark Davis will be with us to talk about the reason so many on the left have lost their collective mind since election day.

We'll be LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com or JJ's YouTube Channel!


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