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Double-murder suspect 2-time felon bank robber IMMIGRANT

Immigrant who 'killed Boston doctors' has bank-robbing rapsheet

Richard Field and Lina Bolanos in Amsterdam (Photo: Facebook) A West African immigrant who is accused of slashing the throats of two well-respected doctors in South Boston on Friday has a history of bank robberies and was just released from prison in April. Bampumim Teixeira Police found Bampumim Teixeira, who is a legal permanent resident, inside…

Friday: The latest from the campaign trail, Audrey Russo + The Colonel: Kerry the Idiot, Sheriff blasts Obama, ICE.

On the Friday edition of The JJ McCartney Show, JJ and Allison get together as we do each Friday with Audrey Russo(host of Reel Talk with Audrey Russo, heard at 9PM ET Friday nights), and the Mysterious Colonel. 

We'll hear the story of Sheriff Charles Jenkins of Frederick County, Mariland about the idiotic Obama policy of not deporting violent illegal immigrants, and how ICE's non-enforcement policy is harming citizens, and hampering Law Enforcement from protecting and serving the people in their jurisdictions.

We'll also talk about the phenomenal stupidity of John Kerry, who is either the stupidest and most incompetent boob to be named Secretary of State since Hillary Clinton, or a guy who is stupid on purpose to cover up his own evil intentions and the agenda of his closet-Muslim boss, Barack Obama.

We'll talk about the latest news, and take your calls too!

Join us at 3:05pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com or www.redstatetalkradio.com!


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