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As Evil is Unleashed on the World, Deliberately Stupid Left stands with Islamic Reservoir of Terrorists

The London Terror Attacks leave left unfazed in their mindless support of Islam, Muslim "refugees", and they remain in complete denial about the systemic Islamic invasion of the West.

The problems we are facing today are compounded by the deliberate stupidity of the left.

Pnly deliberate stuipidity can explain their position on Islamic terrorist attacks that just in the past month have left hundreds dead around the world, and have set people in Britain into a traumatic haze, uneasy and unsure whether they should or can go about living their daily lives without fear of being blown u0, shot, stabbed, or hacked with an axe.

The politicians on the left have been the enablers of Islamic terrorists. They have empowered them, opened the floodgates, and vigorously attacked the conservatives who are urging more caution and a tightening of national security, by vetting and restricting who comes into their nation.

The net result? London mayor Sadiq Khan(a Muslim) says terror attacks are just a part of city life. This sums it all up. The left feels some sort of perverse guilt for the fact that until only a few years ago, western cultuyre's cities were not the stage for terror attacks. These sick people believe somehow that all the world should share the victimhood and just like anything else, they now are "spreading the terrorism around", much the same way they want to "spread the wealth".

The left, Democrats, Liberals, Socialistrs, Communists are one of two things: 1- Pure Evil. or 2- Completely Stupid. 

If you are a democrat, you are at least one of those two things. 

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20+ dead, Scores injured after Grande Concert in Manchester, England. Police indicate Suicide Terror attack. Plus the danger of a Brazile Nut.

Manchester Ariana Grande Concert turns horrific: Suicide Bomber Targeted throngs as they exited concert. 

The spector of Islamic Terrorism came to the surface Monday night, as innocent concert-goers who had just seen Ariana Grande in concert were slaughterd by a lone suicide bomber in Manchester, U.K. 

Prime Minister Theresa May declared this was being treated as a cowardly terrorist attack, indicating that police had preliminarily determined it was a lone suicide bomber resonsible for the carnage. 

Hear full details Tuesday at Noon Eastern time on The JJ McCartney Show.

Also on Tuesday's show, we'll tell you why the Democrats are scurrying top get as far away from the Seth Rich murder investigation, after it was revealed that the individual responsible for advising the D.C. Police to "stand down" on the murder investigaton was noneother than now disgraced former D.N.C. Chair Donna Brazile.

Brazile NUT?!

The ripples from this latest bit of news of corruption at the D.N.C. will be analyzed as well on Tuesday in hour three of The JJ McCartney Show.

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Thursday: ICE Special Agent Michael Cutler, Pastor/author Carl Gallups

Action-packed fun-filled Thursday show!

Hour 1: 30-year INS Special Agent(ret.) Michael Cutler

We'll talk immigration, law and order, and we'll grade Trump's first 100 days(so far)

Hour 2: JJ will dive into the latest breaking news, and talk abouty the downfall of Bill O'Reilly, and why Fox News decided at this moment in time that sexual harassment suddenly matters to them, while for 20+ years it seemed to be acceptable.

Hour 3: Pastor and bestselling author Carl Gallups joins JJ to talk about the ever-evolving situation in the Middle East, and we'll discuss the construction of the temple in Jerusalem, and what prophecy has to say about it.

Plus we'll fend off the snowflakes and take YOUR calls!

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Data Dump exposes Obama, Clinton and CIA. Obama-gate "Legacy", NYT, Old Gray Lady in denial

Former President Obama, and Hillary Clinton exposed, caught red-handed in Scandal the likes of which America has never before seen 

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from Noon to 3pm Eastern time, as he and his guest, I.Q. Al Rassooli talk about the devastating Wikileaks CIA data dump proves collusion, fraud, planted evidence, and media deception, murder and more.

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Irony alert: N.Y. Times asks 'where's evidence' for own wiretap story

WASHINGTON – "Have you seen any evidence yourself?" asked Glenn Thrush, chief White House political correspondent for the New York Times. Thrush was asking the White House press secretary about President Trump's accusation that the Obama administration had wiretapped and spied on his campaign. "No," replied Sean Spicer at Tuesday's daily press briefing, but he might…

State Department insider: The plan was fraught with Monkey Business. Plus IQ Al Rassooli

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

  • State Department insider exposes "refugee program" corruption. 
  • Republicans acting like scaredy-cats, afraid of dangerous snowflakes.
  • RINO's pushing Carbon Tax at White House Meeting(CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONES?)
  • Putin orders Russian Air Force: Be prepared to launch attacks ANY MINUTE.
  • Petition to fire Secret Service agen who declared she "wouldn't take a bullet for Trump".
  • Visa Officer: Obama failed to do "basic screenings" of Muslim refugees.

PLUS: IQ Al Rassooli LIVE!

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Left goes bat-sh%$ Crazy over Trump orders. Ann Ubelis joins JJ LIVE

Crybaby Leftists lose their minds over Trump Orders halting unknown refugees, Muslims from entering U.S.


Let us recall, for the sake of jogging people's memories, what happened 8 years ago, when Barack Hussein Obama ordered a halt to "don't-ask/don't-tell" policy, clearing the way for openly gay people to serve in military. Obama didn't stop there. He also called for accommodating trans-genders, trans-pre-op/post-op, and he ordered the military topay for sex-change surgeries. 

Obama didn't stop there. He issued edicts during his presidency threatening to withdraw federal funds from any school that didn't change bathroom policies to allow children as young as 4 or 5 to use whichever bathroom agreed with their "gender identity". 

Above and beyond that, Obama ordered through Obamacare that Christian business owners "must" pay for abortions, and for birth control. 

Obama didn't stop there. He went on a world apology tour, declared that America was NOT a "Christian nation". He also declared that America was among the largest Muslim nations in the world. He also declared that the future "must not belong to those who slander the prophet Mohammed."

No, Hussein-Obama didn't stop there. He deliberately told the entire terrorist world that America would be completely out of Iraq by the end of July, 2011. This led to the terrorist takeover of vast swaths of Iraq, and then Syria. Not only did Obama's actions give birth to ISIS, he and Hillary Clinton set up a gun-running operation in Benghazi, Libya, which funneled arms, munitions, ammunition, and cash to Al Qaeda/Isis in Syria. Truly, Obama and Clinton gave birth to Isis and illegally smuggled hundreds of millions in Arms and money to the terrorist organization by the end of Obama's term in office.

Obama also meddled illegally in the free and fair election in Israel last year, funneling cash to a political group campaigning against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Obama also betrayed allies and other nations/regimes which had been friendly to the United States in recent years. The illegal overthrow of Moammar Qadaffi in Libya(recall Hillary's "we came, we saw, he died" quip), the absolute betrayal of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, the installation of Mohammed Morsi(a plant for the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood).

Obama and Clinton were setting their sites on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, nd likely would have succeeded inoverthrowing the leader of THAT sovereign nation were it not for the joint defense agreement Syria has with Iran and Russia. The allegation was that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. No evidence of that has ever been presented except for the dead bodies.Allegations from both victims and independent sources iundicate that ISIS forces were responsible for the use of chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, Obama spent $500 Million to train 5 people in Syria. Yes, you read that correctly. $500 Million was allocated for training special forces troops in Syria. Just 5 people were trained for that price. 

Obama and the left rammed Obamacare down the throats of the American people after overwhelming outcry from the American people. This is called defying and overriding the "consent of the governed".

And there is so much more that Obama is guilty of during his presidency, and yet we on the right exercised extraordinary restraint. We didn't riot in the streets. We didn't destroy billions in private property. We didn't threaten the physical well-being of the president. We didn't hurl epithets, make fun of the color of his skin, attack his children, nor did we advocate blowing up the place where the president and his family live.

For eight long years, we exercised remarkable restraint.

And yet, those on the left, upon the swearing-in of President Donald Trump, didn't last 8 minutes, let alone ten days. They have literally behaved like anarchists. They have exposed themselves for the arrogant, angry, bitter, foul-mouthed, vile, deviant malcontents they truly are. 

Their philosophy is simple: If we win, we govern like tyrants. If we lose, we declare war and threaten to destroy this ivil society and topple the government in favor of being governed by the globalists at the United Nations.

Make no mistake, that is what they are doing. As long as they were winning, they lauded how "the system works". But when they started losing? They tried to cheat their way to victory in the election, and when that failed, they tried to overturn the election results, first by claiming fraud and demanding recounts, then by claiming that it was the RUSSIANS that rigged the election. When THAT didn't work, they dragged out floozy upon floozy to hurl baseless accusations at the President-elect.

When all of that failed, they spent George Soros's money to put on contrived riots, demonstrations, and to behave like anarchists. 

And then there is one more thing they did: They got violent with Trump supporters, with private business owners, with police, and with the new alternate media.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ gives you the Monday Rundown, plus conservative blogger and radio Ann Ubelis, who will be one of the panelists on the new weekend news magazine program "Nightside World News Weekly".

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Friday August 5th: Catch Olympic FEVER!(Or don't), list of Islamic ventures the past months, Hillary's Accomplishments too!

Obama regime angrily denies $400,000,000 payment to Iran to secure hostage release was "Ransom".

OK friends and fellow patriots, here is yet another example of Barack Obama peeing on the legs of Americans and telling us it's raining. Oh, that funny prankster Barry Soetoro. What a knee-slapper.In case you missed yesterday's outstanding interview with Ambassador John Bolton, click here to hear why what Obama paid for the hostages wasn't $400 Million, but $1.7 Billion! And you will also learn how Obama skirted once again the separation of powers, and much more.Plus a list of Islamic terror attacks in the past month, and a list of Hillary's "accomplishments".A mountain of news awaits on this, the first Friday of August, so join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com


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