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North Korea tests Trump as ICBM test fell on 4th of July. plus IQ Al Rassooli

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: IQ Al Rassooli joins JJ as we discuss the long holiday weekend, and all the news that has taken place.

  • North Korea is testing the patience of President Trump, as North Korea launched an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile on the 4th of July. The missile, which has a range that could reach Alaska, was launched and traveled 600 miles, splashing down in the Sea of Japan. The Trump administration is seeking harsher sanctions against North Korea from the United Nations, and is contemplating an American response.
  • CNN has bullied the MEME creator, a Reddit user who generated the Trump vs. CNN wrestling video, forcing an apology and threatening to unmask the identity of the user should he do anything similar in the future, or for that matter if he does ANYTHING they don't like.
  • Plus we'll dissect the latest headlines and breaking news too!


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One More Week: U.S. eager for Trump Era to begin. Plus Andrea Shea King

One More Week!

As we endure one more week of the long national embarrassment known as the Obama presidency, Americans are ptimistic about the Trump effect on the US economy, our standing in the world, and Mr. Trump's ability to lead.

Already we have seen more real private sector job creation based on Mr. Trump's upcoming inauguration. Policies which will favor America, Americans, and will allow Industry in America to thrive were at the forefront of Trump's campaign to become the 45th president, and based on the response he has gotten from all sectors of the private economy, Trump is going to deliver tangible results across the United States.

And consumers, laborers, and responsible adult Americans are recognizing the signs of a dormant economy getting ready to go on a healthy growth spurt under Reaganesque leadership again.

We'll talk about what's looking UP and we'll talk about Trump's cabinet, his plans, and also we'll talk about the despicable behavior of Barack Obama and John McCain in this last week before the inauguration with our guest, Andrea Shea King, LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET TODAY at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com, and watch the live video stream at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney

Pearl Harbor day: 75 years after. Plus, E.U.'s citizens are starting to get it! I.Q. Al Rassooli

Power to the PEOPLE! Populism spreads from Brexit, to Trump, to Italy, to European Union, to the REST of the world?

Today on The JJ McCartney SHow, JJ will speak with guest I.Q.(Ibn) Al Rassooli, s we talk about the election results in Italy this past week, and what it means for the future of the European Union. 

We'll talk about the efficacy of the Trump Presidency, even though he has yet to be Inaugurated!

Also, we'll remember the gloom and the doom predictions from the network news morons who foretold the destruction of the world economy if Trump were to win. In truth, stocks are at all-time highs, manufacturers are lining up to cooperate with Trump in returning manufactring jobs to the United States.

And the earth is still round!

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