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Friday: Trump speaks at CPAC- While Therapist Couches are Flooded with Snowflakes!

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JJ McCartney shares part of Trump's CPAC address, plyus breaking news, a ball dropped by the Justice Department, and assessing the priority list of the Trump Administration, and when will they repeal Obamacare?

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Fukushima, Oroville Dam Updates, plus Susan Michael of Int. Christian Embassy Jerusalem on Netanyahu visit to U.S.

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No Pun Intended, California...

But we are "flooded" today with news headlines today at The JJ McCartney Show

Among the stories we'll bring you today:

Netanyahu visits Trump at White House

Freedom Watch asks Federal Judge for emergency hearing to stop NSA 'spying' on Trump

U.S. Spies eping Intelligence from President Trump over "leak concerns"

Update on the Oroville Dam

Fukushima update: Plan to use "Scorpion Robot" scrapped as meltdowns pose unprecedented threat

Terror attacks in Pakistan, Iraq kill at least 70

Plus our guest in hour three of the shoe is Susan Michael of Int. Christian Embassy Jerusalem talks Netanyahu visit

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State Department insider: The plan was fraught with Monkey Business. Plus IQ Al Rassooli

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

  • State Department insider exposes "refugee program" corruption. 
  • Republicans acting like scaredy-cats, afraid of dangerous snowflakes.
  • RINO's pushing Carbon Tax at White House Meeting(CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONES?)
  • Putin orders Russian Air Force: Be prepared to launch attacks ANY MINUTE.
  • Petition to fire Secret Service agen who declared she "wouldn't take a bullet for Trump".
  • Visa Officer: Obama failed to do "basic screenings" of Muslim refugees.

PLUS: IQ Al Rassooli LIVE!

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Soros-funded contrived "protests" an illusion. Plus IQ Al Rassooli LIVE!

Soros-funded protests amount to Domestic Terrorism, and should be treated as such!

  • Plus I.Q. Al Rassooli LIVE today on The JJ McCartney Show!
  • Trump's Supreme Court Pick announced!
  • Trump appointees sail through without democrats!
  • GOP's Rinos kicking and screaming over Obamacare repeal and other Trump agenda items
  • Trump remains focused on job-creation, deregulation

JJ Says:

The Obama/Soros plan: 4 years of obstruction, disruption, and the plan to neutralize Trump's presidency

The breaking point: When will America's patriots get fed up and take to the streets to squash the snowflakes?

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Dershowitz: Obama an 'Appalling President', Possibly worst in history

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Famous liberal unleashes: Obama an 'appalling president'

Famed lawyer and liberal icon Alan Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, is blasting Barack Obama as an "appalling president" for stabbing Israel in the back, with his decision to allow the U.S. to abstain from, and essentially support, a U.N. resolution last week. In an interview with Fox News, Dershowitz said: "What he…

Get Smart! Andrea Shea King and JJ McCartney talk Trump, Hildebeast and Monday's planned debate

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No Coughing Breaks

Join JJ McCartney and Andrea Shea King LIVE at 3:05pm ET today as we talk about all the latest news, including the official rules for Monday's scheduled debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

No special consideration for her coughing fits. She has requested a stool to stand on to make her look taller. Unfortunately, there is no such device that can make her look thinner, or less hideous. Tough break, Hillary.

We'll also talk about the insane, ridiculous and completely criminal rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and how the marauders there are not at all dissuaded by the FACTS in the case.

As the mainstream media continues to fan the flames of racial division, we are dedicated to telling the absolute truth, uncompromising, unchanging truth. It really does matter, and we need all of YOU to share this show with your friends and family. If we in the alternative media do not beat the drum of TRUTH, the masses will be deceived, and our nation will fall into complete ruin.

Please help us make a powerful stand. It is time to fire the mainstream media, turn them off, and help us reach every corner of the nation, every voter, with the TRUTH, before November 8th.

We'll see you all at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com

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Wednesday with I.Q. AL Rassooli: Trump's stretch run to November 8th

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The JJ McCartney Show airs weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at www.jjmccartney.comJoin us today as we welcome IQ Al Rassooli back to the show. We'll talk about the race for the White House, and we'll demonstrate the prescient manner of this program, by reflecting on something we said last week which is now coming to fruition across the beadth of the news media.

Also, we'll talk about the situation in the Persian Gulf, as Iranian vessels have been provoking US vessels sailing near the strait of Hormuz.And another close call between Russia and the United States, demonstrating that Contrasted to Putin, Barack Obama is an impotent insect.

Plus we'll take YOUR calls too! Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.comAlso heard LIVE on RedStateTalkRadio.com

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