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House votes to repeal Obamacare. Plus Michael Cutler LIVE today

We'll talk about it live on The JJ McCartney Show.

Plus, join us in hour 3 today for Michael Cutler, our frequent regular guest who happens top be a 30-year special agent for INS, and we'll talk about the outrageous invasion of the United States by illegal aliens, and what the Trump administration is trying to do to stem the flow. We'll speculate on when the new Supreme Court will hear the appeals of the rulings from left-wing activist judges which have hampered President Trukmp's efforts to bring a halt to runaway "refugee resettlement" that has done so much damage to our nation already.

And we'll take your phone calls too(only if you behave).

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No Foolin'! April is here, and JJ is on assignment Monday

JJ McCartney is taking a breather Monday

The Best of JJ McCartney:

JJ is on assignment Monday, so we'll be broadcasting some of the best of The JJ McCartney Show, some of the best guests, some of the best commentaries, and some of the best parodies JJ has assembled since the show started nearly 4 years ago.

JJ will return with LIVE shows on Tuesday April 4th.


Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Andrea Shea King, News, and 16-year-old Autumn!

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​ JJ McCartney, now heard in fine-arts museums and exhibits throughout the greater Sheboygan area!!

JJ McCartney: The CURE for the Common Show!

 Join JJ McCartney LIVE at Noon ET with the latest news and the Radio Patriot herself, Andrea Shea King!  

And all the news the so-called main-stream media conveniently forgot to tell you about, and we are going to chop up the liars on the left, the same way a Cuisinart chops up your fresh radishes and celery!

And a special guest in hour 3, 16-year-old Autumn speaks out on the topic of choosing LIFE, and confronting Teen Voge for a disgusting article suggesting gifts and/or gag-gifts to give your young friends who've just had an abortion.

The "Feminist Movement" is nothing more than a breeding ground for militant Social Justice Warriors, Marching angry lesbians and man-haters. Hear what this courageous young lady has to say, and share it with your friends, especially your smart younger friends.

Tell all your friends to join us weekdays from Noon to 3pm Eastern time for the CURE for the Common Show!

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Fukushima, Oroville Dam Updates, plus Susan Michael of Int. Christian Embassy Jerusalem on Netanyahu visit to U.S.

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No Pun Intended, California...

But we are "flooded" today with news headlines today at The JJ McCartney Show

Among the stories we'll bring you today:

Netanyahu visits Trump at White House

Freedom Watch asks Federal Judge for emergency hearing to stop NSA 'spying' on Trump

U.S. Spies eping Intelligence from President Trump over "leak concerns"

Update on the Oroville Dam

Fukushima update: Plan to use "Scorpion Robot" scrapped as meltdowns pose unprecedented threat

Terror attacks in Pakistan, Iraq kill at least 70

Plus our guest in hour three of the shoe is Susan Michael of Int. Christian Embassy Jerusalem talks Netanyahu visit

Join us LIVE at Noon Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com, or watch the LIVE video stream at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney

The Monday Rundown: While terrorists plot destruction, Morons forsake America's flag & anthem

And the winner of best Drudge headline of ALL TIME:

And this just in: Huma Abedin has separated from her husband, Anthony Weiner after he was caugfht in yet another "sexting" scandal. Now she is going Weiner-free and color-coordinating with Hillary. Weiner, a former congressman who was forced to exit congfress after being caught in a sexting scandal in which he posted pictures of his genitalia in a series of messages with women NOT named Huma.

The JJ McCartney Show: Have a cup of Common Sense on US!It's Monday, the 29th of August, and the media is giving way too much time and attention to a young punk football player who at 25 is already past his prime, and who has decided to try and get more attention by refusing to stand for the National Anthem before games. Since he cannot get any attention because he isn't even good enough to start fo his team, we'll be content to ignore him completely and move on to real news which the media is covering up as much as they can.

Yes, it is true, Hillary Clinton was using the Clinton Foundation to sell access to the State Department to big donors. The proof is in the emails leaked by Wikileaks. Some people hate Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who is living in exile at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. They hate him as much as anything because he has released information which is devastating to the democrats and Hillary Clinton. The leaked emails are a whole buch of smoking guns, which prove what Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin and the rest of her band of she-devils did at the State Department.

Also in the news, the FBI says foreign hackers penetrated State Election systems. Shocking, how the electronic election systems are susceptible to hackers, isn't it? But hey, it is only the integrity of our electoral system, so why worry?And as Obamacare melts down and misses the mark in terms of projections that Obama and his minions promised when they rolled out this albatross, Americans are facing crippling increases, IF they can afford healthcare at all! We'll do the simple arithmetic today.

And we'll talk about management styles, what works, what doesn't, and the psychological makeup of a bad manager. Call it a chance to evaluate and criticize YOUR boss, or someone you know who is letting the 'power' go to their egg-shaped head!

Join us for an excellent Monday show LIVE at 3:05pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com Also heard LIVE at RedStateTalkRadio.com

JJ McCartney not drinking the A.P.'s Kool-aid. Dr. Mark Davis prescribes a dose of TRUTH at 3pm ET

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm Eastern time as The JJ McCartney Show welcomes Dr. Mark Davis, author of "Demons of Democracy" and "Obamacare- Dead on Arrival"!

We'll talk about the physical repulsion caused by the combination of Hillary CLinton's face on TV and the shrill sound of her voice, and why instances of E.D. are becoming chronic among men who watch the evening news.

Plus we'll take YOUR calls!

And we'll cover the latest news around the world, and we'll talk about prepping for the possibility of a nationwide power-grid failure, and where you can go to find the ultimate list of do's and don'ts for people just getting started.

The show is LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm Eastern at www.jjmccartney.com

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Friday: Audrey Russo, Allison and the Colonel, and the latest breaking news

Friday promises to be an action-packed show, as Audrey Russo and the Colonel join JJ and Allison to discuss a variety of topics, included still more reasons to defeat Hillary Clinton and the left in November!

Plus Russia has at least twice fired at Israeli military planes. Weather Channel founder says its time to get politics out of climate debate(as wackly left continues to fabricate man-made climate change stories which are based on cooked data.

And Obamacare is going to break the piggy-bank in 2017.

All this plus YOUR calls too. Join us from 3 to 5pm Eastern time for The JJ McCartney SHow: The CURE for the common show!

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