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Obama/Lynch let Veselnitskaya in US

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

  • McCain went spy-shopping for dirt on Trump
  • Obama/Lynch allowed Veselnitskaya in U.S. without a visa. Why? Take a guess!
  • Dow hits all-time high, up 17% under Trump
  • Trump's lawyers try to control unruly Whitehouse, as leaks continue.
  • Young soldier infiltrates ISIS, guns down six terrorists behind enemy lines.
  • Plus YOUR phone calls and more!

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The JJ McCartney Show: Dems hiding Seth Rich ties to Wikileaks. Smoking gun?? Plus the Colonel

Democrats covering up Seth Rich ties to Wikileaks. 

The SMOKING GUN?? Details at Noon ET at www.jjmccartney.com


  • The Mysterious Colonel
  • The climate scam and PROOF that global warming is the mother of all HOAXES!]
  • Details of the Trump/Putin meeting at the G20 summit.
  • Brownshirts in Hamburg try to disrupt G20 Summit.
  • Jobs growth in June
  • Trump's economy rebounding nicely!
  • Plus YOUR phone calls!

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Thursday: Wicked Witch testifies before Congress

The lies are spewing from the mouth of the most hideous government official in American history, as yet-to-be-convicted felon Hillary Clinton develops convenient amnesia when it comes to what wasknown about Benghazi and what was NOT DONE on the day Chris Stevens and three others were savagely murdered, in large part because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ignored repeated requests to increase the security detail as tensions were rising.

Hillary has obstructed justice, lied, stonewalled, and her private emails are even now coming to loght which proves she violated federal rules regarding classified information as she repeatedly sent emails and received emails via an unsecure server in a bathroom in Colorado. 

We may talk about this on today;s edition of The JJ McCartney Show, as JJ will unveil his cabinet for 2017.

And we want to hear YOUR thoughts on the Benghazi hearings and we ask the question: would you, under any circumstance, ever cast a vote for Hillary Clinton?

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