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Thursday: ICE Special Agent Michael Cutler, Pastor/author Carl Gallups

Action-packed fun-filled Thursday show!

Hour 1: 30-year INS Special Agent(ret.) Michael Cutler

We'll talk immigration, law and order, and we'll grade Trump's first 100 days(so far)

Hour 2: JJ will dive into the latest breaking news, and talk abouty the downfall of Bill O'Reilly, and why Fox News decided at this moment in time that sexual harassment suddenly matters to them, while for 20+ years it seemed to be acceptable.

Hour 3: Pastor and bestselling author Carl Gallups joins JJ to talk about the ever-evolving situation in the Middle East, and we'll discuss the construction of the temple in Jerusalem, and what prophecy has to say about it.

Plus we'll fend off the snowflakes and take YOUR calls!

Join us LIVE at Noon ET at RedStateTalkRadio.com and www.jjmccartney.com




Wednesday on The JJ McCartney Show: Words that pierce the darkness with IQ Al Rassooli

  • Published in Politics

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from Noon to 3pm Eastern time with the latest news, I.Q. Al Rassooli, and more truth than the lame-stream media tells in a year!

We've got open phone lines, the best guests, and there are no sacred cows we won't discuss to spare anybody's "feelings".

And with all the news breaking around the world, rely on us to tell the unvarnished truth, call people out for their lies, and expose any corruption of criminal activities that the so-called elites in the hallowed halls of power who believe they are above the law.

Share the show with your friends, on your social networks, and door-to-door if necessary...but help us get the word out, while we still have time to help President Trump and his crew make the nbecessary course corrections before America runs aground!

And be sure to check out our YouTube channel, subscribe and join us every day for the best talk-radio anywhere!

Wednesday: I.Q. Al Rassooli exposes the true evil faces of Mohammed and Islam

It's Wednesday at The JJ McCartney Show, and THAT means IQ Al Rassooli will be with us for the whole show. Everu Wednesday we chat with I.Q., and hisexpertise is exposing Islam for what it truly is: A violent, murderous cult belief system whose very name(Islam) means to force submission upon the world.

People who cannot fight back against Islamic terror are slaughtered en masse. Those equipped to fight back are immeasurably safer than those who are defenseless. Remember that the next time some bleeding-heart liberal tries to take away your guns!

Schools are designated gun-free zones. On this 17th anniversary of the Columbine massacre, liberals still try to exploit the tragedy in their effort to strip away the 2nd-Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Harris and Klebold had much in common with Islam. 

Hear I.Q. destroy Islam by quoting directly from their Quran.

The ultimate weapon against Islam is TRUTH, and I.Q. brings a huge bag of truth today from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com and RedStateTalkRadio.com

Also heard LIVE at www.therockNHCR.com 

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