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Holiday Weekend awaits: June finale JJ McCartney-style Delivers a BANG!

MAINSTREAM MEDIA MELTDOWN: Trump inside their heads as CNN ratings plummet.

Friday on The JJ McCartney Show: 

  • As the Punditry is exposed by President Trump for the partisan hacks they truly are, people are in a flutter claiming that POTUS tweeting is somehow unpresiudential. They still don't get why he is doing it his way. JJ will set them straight on the sound logic behind the method to what they perceive as his madness,
  • Plus: The Mysterious Colonel weighs in onm the latest breaking news, and we'll ask him for his thoughts on the mysterious collision of the Freight vessel Crystal and the USS Fitzgerald, and how something like that could happen to a modern state-of-the-art Destroyer in the US Navy.
  • We'll talk about the remarkable week President Trump has had at the Supreme Court, and we'll stand in solidarity with Alex Jones and Infowars.com as they contyinue to tell the truth and reach an ever-growimg global audience, and expose the globalists for the murderous band of scum and villainry they truly are.
  • And as we approach the nation's 241st birthday, we'll ask YOU to share your thoughts on where we have been as a nation, where we are today, and where we are going.
  • Plus a sneak preview of this week's World News Weekly broadcast!

Join us LIVE at Noon Eastern time here at www.jjmccartney.com and RedStateTalkRadio.com

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