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Drudge Abandons Truth, embraces lies of Deep State. Plus IQ Al Rassooli

Russian Collusion Delusion: Matt Drudge sells out to the left, links to outrageous headlines that defy facts, evidence(and lack of evidence).

In the 21st century, we are witnessing one of the most vivid illustrations of the ultimate sell-out in recent memory, as The Drudge Report continues to try to propel the Fake News in their efforts, through "unnamed sources" to paint a picture which is as far removed from reality as any in modern American history.

With zero evidence of any kind of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government, the New York Tmes and other Fake-news sources attempt to tar-and-feather the President with nothing but insinuations, innuendo and flimsy theories which make all other ocnspiracy theories sound like open-and-shut slam-dunks.

President trump has not only not been given any kind of honeymoon period in his Presidency, he has been the victim of a very well-funded(George Soros) concerted and orchestrated attemt at charactwer assassination and the direct undermining of the Constitutional electoral process by the globalist enemies of America.

From the outset, there has been zero evidence of collusion. Moreover, the latest round of emails revealing a brief meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney was set up by a Clinton operative, and was arranged under false pretense, as the Clinton snitch claimed to have incriminting information about Hillary Clinton's campaign.

There was no information d3livered at the meeting. Once the attendees of the meeting realized that this was a bogus meeting, it was quickly ended. The entire meeting was arranged to attempt to frame it as a basis for a 
collusion" theory with no basis in fact.

Which brings us back to Drudge.

Clearly, Matt Drudge has chosen to propel the fake story, in an attempt apparently to court the political left. Irt is a complete alienation of what made Drudge such a popular means for people to find news.

Those days appear to be long gone now. Fact has been abandoned in favor of innuendo, cheap numbers and some bizarre attemot for Drudge to straddle the chasm between left and right, good and evil, truth an lies, and globalist vs nationalist.

Unless and until Drudge reverts to his original standards, they will descend into irrelevance as quickly as Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis and John Edwards. 

Fortunately, the alternative media is gaining those disenfranchised Americans who have given up on the lame-stream media, and the impact of the alternate-right media made all the difference in November of 2016, and we are not going to surrender our brains to the likes of Drudge ever again as a clearing-house of news-links that used to be found at Drudge. 

The Information War is being fought here in the trenches. Keep monitoring www.jjmccartney.com, Infowars.com, WND.com, Newsmax.com and count on RedStateTalkRadio for the best variety of conservtive patriots in talk radio. 

The war has just begun. Choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord God Almighty, and proclaim with complete confidence that His TRUTH is MARCHING ON!

Mainstream Media in Mass-Poll-Manipulation Conspiracy: Why Trump wins in a Landslide

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Mainstream Media in Mass-Poll-Manipulation Conspiracy: Why Trump wins in a LANDSLIDE

JJ McCartney

09-24-2016 17:49 MDT



Surveying the polls in this election cycle is an exercise in futility if you are seeking the true numbers. A quick scan of RealClearPolitics yesterday made that clear. And the biggest offender in the fake-polling business is the McClatchy media enterprise. The McClatchy polls take over-sampling of democrats to a whole new level of fantasy. Over sampling can happen in a number of ways. First, you simply make the numbers up and then like magic you have Hillary ahead by 8 points! But there is also the deliberate discarding of Republican-leaning voters, both Republicans and Democrats, in what I guess you would describe as plugging one's ears when you do not get the answer you want. 

And then there is the counting of independent voters(among who Trump leads nationwide by over 20%) as Hillary votes. This has been proven with careful and thorough research by the independent alternative media. These methods have been endorsed by CBS, NBC, and even by Fox(Faux) News. I hear you asking: "but JJ, WHY would these media outlets want to skew the numbers?" Well, that is a question which has a few answers that are valid:

1- The globalist-controlled Corporations that own these media outlets often dictate what the results WILL be.  Comply or be fired.

2- The media outlets rely on ratings for survival. If the race is a Trump runaway(which it is), the networks try to artificially keep it closer than it really is. 

3- To try to influence/dispirit Trump supporters, while also trying to kill voter enthusiasm and turnout. This is the most sinister of reasons, and is evident when watching MSNBC, CBS and PBS.

So what are the real numbers?

Consider these factors before you ask that question:

The average household income in the United States has fallen $9,000 since 2001. The steepest decline has taken place under the Barack Obama years(which Hillary has praised).

Also consider the national debt, which under Obama has skyrocketed, more than doubling under his watch. Hillary's economic platform is identical to Obama's.

Then consider the issue of national security, illegal immigration and the dramatic deflation of wages as a result. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are Siamese Twins joined at-the-lies.

The Obama regime changed the way the Department of Labor calculated the unemployment rate, and have simply ignored the almost 100,000,000 people who are no longer in the job force any more. These include people who simply gave up trying to find work, as well as new entries into the country who cannot find work(college grads, legal immigrants and those who have been unemployed so long they no longer qualify for benefits).

The fact is that real unemployment in the United States rests between 17 and 25%. Americans are poorer(by far) than they have ever been since the worst of the Great Depression. The number of Small Business owners has dropped sharply, and in the United States today, twice as many Americans work for the GOVERNMENT than work in Manufacturing. The truest barometer of the Obama economic failure can be measured by this statistic: At her peak, nearly 100,000,000(100 Million) American workers manufactured something for a living(including agriculture, this number was likely 125 Million). Since the passage of NAFTA(which Bill and Hillary rammed through during the Clinton years), manufacturing in America has all but died completely. 

This explains why the Gross Domestic Product during Barack Obama's 8 years has stayed below 2%, and joblessness has skyrocketed. If you believe the 5% jobless rate that the Obama/Clinton liars claim, I have several very expensive bridges to sell you. 

The American economy has been in the commode for nearly a decade, and every "remedy" the democrats have tried has only accelerated our debt clock, and failed to stimulate any meaningful job creation whatsoever. In fact, Obama's "stimulus" mostly was dispersed to European business interests which just so happened to donate heavily to Obama/Clinton Super-Pacs and of course, the Clinton Foundation. Yes, your tax-dollars, hundreds of billions and billions were not injected into the American economy, they were shipped overseas to political cronies of the Clintons. This was never more true than when Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. She sold access to the highest bidders over at the money-laundering Clinton Foundation, a criminally run (501)C3 non-profit, which has raised hundreds of Billions of dollars, while 98% of the money they collect goes into administrative expenses. 

And Hillary doesn't understand why she isn't 50 points AHEAD of Trump? 

The simple fact is, Americans do NOT want to vote for her because they do not trust her for one, and mostly, because, for whatever reason, people simply HATE this very repulsive, maniacal, pathological lying HAG named Hillary. It's partly common-sense, partly INSTINCTIVE. Something in the human DNA simply raises every red-flag in human nature, to disallow reasonable people to vote for the corrupt, evil and just plain UGLY pant-suit-wearing menopausal disaster who not only birthed Chelsea, but also gave birth to ISIS, and who stood before congress and lied repeatedly about who and what killed our Ambassador and 3 other brave Americans in Benghazi a little more than 4 years ago.

So what are the REAL numbers? Let's ask those who know Hillary best, the good people of the State of Arkansas, where Hillary was first-lady and a quintessential sleazy lawyer. The people of Arkansas were surveyed just yesterday, and there, in the Clinton's back yard, the people favor Donald Trump by 22%.

The last time a Democrat lost their home state in a presidential race, it was Al Gore, Jr. But there were plenty of other times to reflect on in our history. When the people who know you best pull the lever for your opponent, you stand no chance whatever of being the next occupant of the Oval Office.

And I am not alone in this analysis. No less than a professor who has accurately predicted the last 8 Presidential elections says Trump will dominate on November 8th. 

So if you don't take JJ McCartney's word for it, then consult Professor Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted the winner of the popular vote in every presidential election since 1984.

When you add it all up, Most Americans who care enough to vote will reject the shrill, bitter and toxic politics of Hillary Clinton, and will instead give Donald Trump a chance to do for the United States economy what he did for Lower Manhattan in the past 40 years. 

President Donald Trump. Get used to the sound of that.

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