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Monday: BREAKING NEWS: Russia Vows to Shoot Down ALL FLYING OBJECTS over Syria

Today LIVE at Noon ET on the Monday Rundown: 

  • London van attack on Mosque clearly a false-flag event.
  • United States shoots down Syrian fighter jet
  • Tensions rise in Middle East
  • Russia vows to shoot down "all flying objects" over Syria
  • Phillipine cargo v essel collides with U.S. Destroyer, killing 7 American sailors
  • News Barbie breaks her promise to Alex Jones
  • Plus much more news and commentary from JJ McCartney on this Monday broadcast.

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Soros-funded contrived "protests" an illusion. Plus IQ Al Rassooli LIVE!

Soros-funded protests amount to Domestic Terrorism, and should be treated as such!

  • Plus I.Q. Al Rassooli LIVE today on The JJ McCartney Show!
  • Trump's Supreme Court Pick announced!
  • Trump appointees sail through without democrats!
  • GOP's Rinos kicking and screaming over Obamacare repeal and other Trump agenda items
  • Trump remains focused on job-creation, deregulation

JJ Says:

The Obama/Soros plan: 4 years of obstruction, disruption, and the plan to neutralize Trump's presidency

The breaking point: When will America's patriots get fed up and take to the streets to squash the snowflakes?

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Friday: The Best of The JJ McCartney Show: Be back LIVE on Monday!

 Friday: Audrey is down with the flu, and now your humble host is also teetering on the edge of a nasty stomach flu. Gonna be a long weekend, so please enjoy a best-of-The-JJ-McCartney-Show episode and we will meet back here on Monday LIVE. Thank you and God bless!



Friday: JJ McCartney and Audrey Russo tag-team the Lame-stream media

Politico has run with the story of Ben Carson's campaign admitting that the part of his life-story about being offered a scholarship to attend West Point was a fabrication.

Today Audrey Russo and JJ McCartney will discuss all the things about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been "fabrications", and we will ask the obvious question: How did Politico and all the other liberal media miss all these "fabrications" by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Come to think of it, perhaps we need to write a book all about Barack Obama's fantasy life, and Hillary Clinton's "trouble with the truth".

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