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Thursday: Michael Cutler clears up leftist myths about Immigration's effect on economy

  • Published in Politics

Why the Left is so wrong on Illegal Immigration:

  • The facts simply do not back up claims that Illegals are harmless or good for economy.
  • What is the affect of illegal immigration on wages in America?
  • What has happened to the average household income since 2001?
  • How much money is spent by the government each year on illegals?
  • What would happen if we simply deported all illegals?
  • Why have politicians done nothing about the problem?
  • Will Trump's plan change the situation, and if so, how long will it take?

Tune in for real answers to these questions and more with our guest, 30-year ICE special agent Michael Cutler.

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10 Days to Sweet Deliverance: Tuesday January 10th 2017 with guest Dr. Mark Davis

10 days until sweet deliverance: Inauguration Fever!


As we count down the days untl Inauguration Friday, January 20th at Noon Eastern time, we anticipate more and more the petulant and impudent Obama to try to throw more obstacles in Trump's way. But Trump is non-plussed by Obama's churlish and childish behavior. Finally, after 8 incredibly damaging years, a grown-up will again be in control of the White House. The world, and the working-class American People have been eagerly awaiting this for 8 long years.Join us for special coverage of the Inaguration on Friday the 20th at www.jjmccartney.com!

On Today's edition of the JJ McCartney Show, we are LIVE with the latest breaking news, we'll conclude our discussion on how the defeat of the democrats in November can be traced back to the book of Genesis, and we'll visit with Dr. Mark Davis in hour 2!

Join us LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedSTatteTalkRadio.com, and watch the live video stream at www.YouTube.com/c/jjmccartney

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