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Friday Extra! a wrap on the week's news, the Colonel and MORE!

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Wednesday on The JJ McCartney Show: Words that pierce the darkness with IQ Al Rassooli

  • Published in Politics

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from Noon to 3pm Eastern time with the latest news, I.Q. Al Rassooli, and more truth than the lame-stream media tells in a year!

We've got open phone lines, the best guests, and there are no sacred cows we won't discuss to spare anybody's "feelings".

And with all the news breaking around the world, rely on us to tell the unvarnished truth, call people out for their lies, and expose any corruption of criminal activities that the so-called elites in the hallowed halls of power who believe they are above the law.

Share the show with your friends, on your social networks, and door-to-door if necessary...but help us get the word out, while we still have time to help President Trump and his crew make the nbecessary course corrections before America runs aground!

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JJ McCartney taking a vacation: first in 3 years+

JJ McCartney takes a break: will return Monday October 10th

You could say it's about time JJ took a real vacation. Not a medically induced break for surgery, life-flight helicopter rides or ambulance rides to the hospital. Just a bona fide vacation. Now, Mr. Obama, THIS is how real Americans take vacations:

They pick a date on the calendar and they try very hard to make sure all their work is caught up and that nothing disastrous will happen if they take time off. Then, they check wi their boss/bosses and clear it with them, they then inform all their relevant coworkers so they will know what is going on and once they do all of that, they plan their activities and then make sure they won't break the bank by going. 

Then, and only then, do they take a short vacation.

Oh, one more thing, Barry: if the taking of said vacation is going to cause all hell to break loose, or if all hell breaks loose at any point during the vacation, Americans cut short their plans and get back to the job. It's called being responsible. You should try it some time.

OK, end of presidential lesson # 1.

JJ will be keeping an eye on the news, and if something major breaks, you can count on us to get back in-studio faster than Bill Clinton can drop trou.

meanwhile, please enjoy the best of The JJ McCartney Show, and please enjoy some time wi your family and friends while we do likewise.

Also, please remember us in your prayers, as we are dealing with some technical issues in the studio which will require some funds to repair.

Meanwhile, never forget what Al Gore told Joe Lieberman in 2000, as the Florida polls were closing: "We've totally got this in the bag, Joe, I know because I stayed up until 5 am this morning calling every voter in Florida personally to ask for their vote."

Friday: Here comes Audrey Russo and the Colonel, and JJ and Allison!

Folks, it is Friday, and we are bound by the LAW to have FUN today!

We'll still cover the news, ask the tough questions, and speak the truth boldly! But how could we possibly NOT have fun with Audrey Russo, the Colonel, and Allison and JJ?

You can join the party by going to www.jjmccartney.com from 3 to 5pm Eastern time! SHare it with your friends! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! Shout it from the rooftops! 

It's the best of true conservative patriot talk radio, so don't miss it!


Thursday: Carl Gallups talks demonic influence in modern culture

Today we bring you a double-dose of great radio on The JJ McCartney Show! 

In hour 1, Brendi Richards will be our guest, as we talk about news from South Africa and here in the United States, as Brendi is currently in the states! 

In Hour 2, it's pastor and author Carl Gallups coming to us LIVE from Florida. We'll talk Trump, Cruz, and the convoluted state of disarray that is the Republican party. We'll also touch upon the radically far-left party once known as the Democrats. We'll ask Carl why they have turned so far to the left and who is really behind this shift in political winds among the parties.

Plus we will take YOUR phone calls too!

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com

Plus we are still in need of your help financially, as we are a few days away from deadlines to pay licensing fees and airtime for the show, You can learn more at the link below: 


USA Transnational Report: 8AM ET Guest: Dr/ Rich Swier

USA Transnational Report - Saturday (3/12) Guest Dr. Rich Swier!! LIVE 8AM EST

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USA Transnational Report
USA-based, Worldwide Coverage and Analysis

LIVE Saturday (3/12) 8 AM EST!!!

Rich is a 23-year Army veteran who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1990. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for his years of service. Additionally, he was awarded two Bronze Stars with “V” for Heroism in ground combat, the Presidential Unit Citation, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry while serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. Visit his website here: www.drrichswier.com

Topics of Discussion:
  • Europe's new Right Wing Approach - The way of the future?
  • RIP Nancy Reagan
  • ISIS Membership Cache Discovered
  • Update on 2016 Primaries
  • Netanyahu Says NO! to Obama Meeting
  • Iran and North Korea test nuclear missiles!
& more . . .
You can listen to USA Transnational Report live on JJ McCartney's Nightside Radio Studios.

You can also listen Red State Talk Radio, Studio A!

Call-in #: 855-853-5227

Wednesday: I.Q. + Trump cruzes to wins in MI, MS and HI, Cruz trumps in Idaho

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm Eastern today for The JJ McCartney Show with our guest I.Q. Al Rassooli, as we analyze the Tuesday election results, and we cover the latest news from around the world.

You can share your opinions, thoughts and questions by calling our toll-free line at 855-853-5227.

Share the show with your friends and contacts on your social networks. amd help us spread the truth far and wide!

It's the cure for the common show, at www.jjmccartney.com.from 3 to 5pm Eastern time!

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