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USA Transnational Report 12-03-2016 Trump's To-do list on Days 1-100 Featured

USA Transnational Report:

Trump's legislative priorities

200 Regulations the conservatives in Congress will have ready to roll back for Trump on day one

Carrier stays in U.S- The Art of the Deal

Same-old Democrat leadership

And The Middle East Trump inherits from Obama

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The war of the Cultures: Leftists aim their disdain at the American Consumer Featured

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Andrea Shea King, and the latest from the bat-shit-crazy lunatic left!

JJ and Andrea Shea King will analyze the completely unhinged left, and we'll take YOUR calls too!It's the first Friday of December, and we'll talk about the latest news headlines(and we'll preview the Saturday morning USA Transnational Report heard here at at 8:05am Eastern time!).Also, we'll talk about the Obama loose cannon, which threatens to try to grant blanket amnesty to all illegals in the nation, as well as other crony pardons for the corrupt left who have strayed afoul of the law. That should be a LONG list!And we will drop a great big TRUTH-bomb on the media, who are so ridiculous now that most Americans get their news from...shows like ours, and sites which feature truth and honest commentary!Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at, or live on JJ McCartney's YouTube channel! 

Kellogg's screws the pooch: Makes political statement by pullings ads from Breitbart. Featured

Kellogg's attacks Breitbart. Now Kellogg's MUST PAY the price for their STUPIDITY!

Friends and neighbors, there comes a time in life when you simply must make a stand on moral grounds.

When a mega-corporation like Kellogg's oversteps their boundaries and strays off-course, and dares to make a political statement which essentially insults a massive consumer group by pulling advertising publicly and telling the world it is because they don't like the politics of a popular site like, what they are really doing is calling the 45,000,000+ breitbart readers and consumers evil and wrong-headed. 

Any mass-marketed company like Kellogg's, who owns so many popular brands believes they are invincible and they rely on the name-recognition and branding of their products as a barrier that protects them from boycotts. But we can and must make sure they suffer a terrific loss in their bottom line. 

We support this boycott in solidarity with Breitbart, Drudge, and our fellow conservative talk-radio personalities and networks.We are Conservative Christian Patriots, we eat every day. We have money. We have free choice when we step into a grocery store. We must flex our muscle, and make Kellogg's pay for their idiotic, arrogant and condescending attitude toward the American people, and we must stick to our guns.

This is not a one-or-two-day phenomenon. We must be prepared to alter our shopping habits for the long-term.Find comparable products, and make the effort to remove every Kellogg's product from your shopping list. Do not reward their bad behavior.We are the Deplorables. And we need to absolutely bring Kellogg's to it's knees.

We must punish them so much they literally face bankruptcy. Imagine 45,000,000 fewer boxes of Frosted Flakes purchased this month. Imagine 45,000,000 fewer boxes of Pop-Tarts. Now, if we stick with this, Kellogg's could lose as much as $1 billion in a matter of a few months.

Think they would notice THAT?Join us LIVE today at 3:05pm ET. We'll talk politics, immigration, enforcement, and why Janet Napolitano should be arrested.

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