Risk of EMP Solar Flares Loom Large. What you need to know

solar-flareEMP risk is very real.

We’ve been at the leading edge in warning of the dangers of an EMP, whether from solar activity alone, or a strategically detonated high-altitude nuclear warhead detonation.

If you live in any urban area, you are in the most danger.

For those of you who have not yet done so, you will need to get some things in advance, and you will need to make some provisions for your safety and survival.

1- Have plenty of non-perishable foodstuffs on hand, enough to feed your family for weeks, months, or even a year or more.
2- Store fresh water. And learn how to conserve your water.
3- Alternative energy. Solar, wind, gas-powered or diesel-powered generator. and learn how to conserve your electricity.
4- Communications. Ham, CB, Shortwave and broadcast radios that can be operated by battery or alternative energy sources are a must.

5- Research how to construct a Faraday cage for your emergency electronics gear. An EMP can destroy any modern electronic gear with a circuit board, modern IC chips and transistors, microprocessors and the like, so you will need to store these items in an electro-magnetically impregnable container. It’s simple, really. A metallic box, that is sealed so that no electrical energy can penetrate. That is what it’s characteristics should be on the outside. You can construct these out of stainless steel trash cans, ammo boxes, anything made of metal that has a tightly fitting lid and is constructed well. On the inside, you will need to insulate the cage so that nothing is touching the metallic surface on the inside. You could line the inside with bubble-wrap, cardboard, whatever you have on-hand.  The electronics you store in the Faraday cage must not be touching the metallic inner-surface. Keep in mind that non-conductive material can contact the metal surface, but any conductive surfaces(metal chassis, antenna, etc.) needs to be insulated so it does not touch the cage’s metallic surface. You can store laptop computers, portable radios, cell phones, CB’s, IPADs, and make sure you also store chargers in the cage. Many newer chargers for phones and laptops have circuit boards and chips in the transformer housing that are also susceptible to EMP’s.

6- Have a plan of egress. If you or your loved ones live in a big city, have a plan of egress. If disaster strikes, there will be a very narrow window of opportunity before the government declares a state of emergency and/or martial law. That narrow window may be your only chance to get out of Dodge, and scramble to your safe destination. I cannot stress this enough: IF YOU LIVE IN A METROPOLITAN/URBAN area, YOU NEED TO GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. Crime, looting, marauding will become rampant in just hours. Hungry people, panicked by the disaster, easily become very dangerous. Survival instincts lead people to violence, and in urban areas where race-riots break out under normal conditions, lawlessness will virtually begin as soon as the lights go out. If you don’t want to become a victim, have a plan, and do not hesitate when the time comes.

7- Communicate with your family NOW. Talk about what the plan is, and how to implement it. Make sure everybody knows where to go, and when to go.  DO NOT RELY ON THE GOVERNMENT. The government, which on a perfect day is horribly inefficient and ineffective, will be of no help in this kind of crisis. It is up to each individual to ready themselves for this type of emergency. People who sit around waiting for FEMA will likely starve or fall victim to the desperate or lawless throngs.

8- Guns and Ammo. You will need them. If you are not already a gun-owner, you need to be. While we can purchase firearms and ammunition, you need to do it sooner rather than later. For protection, or for use in hunting wild game, guns are crucial. Learn how to use them.

9- Do not rely on the kindness of strangers. While we would all like to think that people are decent and good, we must never risk over-staying our welcome or worse, being a burden to people who are just like us…trying to survive. Cooperation is important, but make sure it is reciprocal. If you trust people that you know well, make sure you are giving as much as you are taking. Take responsibility for you and your family, and don’t leave it to chance.

10- This is really the most important thing you can do to insure your safety and survival: Get right with God. Study your bible. Pray. Repent of your sins, and grow in your walk with the Lord, Jesus. NOTHING ELSE on this list matters one bit if your soul is not safe. Go with God, and plan on being a witness in these last days, demonstrating the love, mercy and compassion of Jesus.


JJ recommends:

Read the book “One Second After” by William Fortschen. It is fiction, but it is also a very real picture of what the nation would go through if an EMP took out the grid.

JJ recommends:

Kaito KA600 Solar Crank NOAA Weather RadioKAITO-radio

The prices on these radios are skyrocketing! I decided to order one of these radios to see if it was worth buying, and if the quality of the product was acceptable, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has exceptionally good shortwave reception, and performs well, especially for the money. But do not wait too long to get yours. Since I purchased mine via eBay(new-in-box) for 59.99 with free shipping, the prices have already gone up by as much as 8 to 40 dollars, depending on the vendor.

This is a basic, easy-to-use radio, and it gives you options when the lights go out. In addition to being a good little radio, it also has a built-in LED flashlight, and a built-in LED reading light. The solar panel on the top of the radio allows you to charge the Ni-cad batteries outside in the sunshine, and the hand-crank on the side allows you to charge the batteries manually. You can charge while you listen, and reception is NOT degraded while you do.

The radio receives AM and FM broadcast bands, the most commonly used shortwave bands, and the NOAA weather radio channels 1-7(the 155Mhz channels). You can also attach the radio to your computer with a USB cable, or purchase an AC adapter to listen without discharging the batteries. Additionally, the radio has a battery compartment for three AA batteries, if you would like to listen for many hours without needing to recharge.

Simply search for the Kaito KA600 on Google or eBay, and make your best deal. But don’t wait, as the prices are shooting upward like never before!


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Breaking news late Thursday from New York.incident

A shocking attack, and the site linked above has video including eyewitnesses describing the horrific jihadist attack.

Hear the story in more detail LIVE Friday:

Breaking news from New York. More to come Friday on The JJ McCartney Show at 3PM Eastern time. Guests will include Trade Martin and our friend known as “The Colonel”.

And we will of course bring more details on this and other breaking news, the story of the first officially reported case of Ebola in New York City.

Hear the truth, and intelligent analysis.

After Ottawa: Where will Jihad strike next? JJMcCartney predicts…

OK. I want to show off my skills as a prognosticator. USE-THIS-INSTEAD

But first, let me just say that this is not a game. Our friends in Canada are now on a heightened state of alert after Islamic recruits launched two violent attacks this week. In one incident south of Montreal, they engaged in vehicular homicide, running down and killing one Canadian soldier and injuring another.

Wednesday, they struck at the tomb of the unknown soldier monument in Ottawa, killing in cold blood a soldier at point-blank range, before taking his gun and moving on to the Canadian Parliament building, where he ultimately was shit dead by sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers.

While these appear to be lone-wolf incidents, we mustn’t dismiss them as isolated incidents. The lone-wolf attack has become the modus operandi for Islamic terrorism in North America.  It was September 27th that a lone Islamic terrorist, a relatively new recruit to Islam, beheaded one woman and was attempting to kill another when he was shot by the CFO of Vaughn Foods of Moore, Oklahoma. The perp in that case was recently converted Muslim Alton Nolen, a 30-year-old had attempted to convert many of his fellow workers and friends to Islam.

Now the question on everybody’s mind is this: Where will these people strike next, and will they be content with lone-wolf attacks which are nearly impossible to prevent, or will they attempt to up the stakes by attacking larger public venues with more lethal weapons?

So the question is this: Where will they strike next?

I am pretty sure I know. I’m pretty sure when it will happen. And I am pretty sure how the Obama/Ebola administration will react.

To find out who/what/when/where, listen to Thursday’s broadcast at www.jjmccartney.com/player.php from 3 to 5PM Eastern time.

Hear it for yourself, and tell all your friends to tune in.


JJMcCartney delivers Epic Message to America

JMANAs a person, you begin learning the instant you open your eyes for the very first time. Slowly, you learn the fundamentals. Light vs dark. Warm vs cold, hungry vs full, sleepy vs wide-awake.

Gradually, as you go along you begin discriminating between the different kinds of sounds you hear. Voices versus the refrigerator’s steady humming compressor-motor. Music vs passing cars on the distant highway. A dog’s bark vs someone washing the dishes. You develop this sense of things which are in your near proximity versus distant sounds, and you begin learning the sounds of the spoken word, syllables, and eventually you grow the ability to emulate what you have heard, until one day you magically become one who speaks.

All the learning of your first few years forms the foundation for your personality, your character, and your future endeavors. Seldom someone will come along who exceeds all expectations, is labeled a prodigy at a very young age, and because of an aptitude discovered at a very early age, they grow to master a talent in a seemingly natural and effortless way. These are people who discover a purpose for which they are highly suited, and they possess a constitution which is favorable to hone their talent beyond anyone’s ability to teach.

There is another end to that spectrum, and those are the people I am about to make reference to. The opposite of a prodigy, if you apply conventional wisdom, would be the anti-prodigy. This is the person who goes through virtually every phase of life having never discovered their own purpose, their own gift, and sadly for most, their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, thanks in very large part to the modern liberal education system, which encompasses teacher’s unions and government agencies created at the behest of political forces with evil intentions.

The grandest conspiracy ever perpetrated is the modern educational system. Were it not for attentive parents, nearly every child that graduates from a public school would be indoctrinated into the entitlement-minded, presuming pool of people who have been conditioned to believe a doctrine of humanistic theology which preaches that mankind is the intruder on the planet, and that every action man takes to improve his own life or livelihood comes at the expense of a victim, either in the form of an oppressed person or group of people, or in the form of a defenseless animal(usually one with very large fangs or claws), or in the form of the planet itself.

This group of people, educated to believe that if there is a God, it doesn’t mean there is a God. If you want to believe there is a God, then there is a God, for you. But if you want to believe there is no God, then there is no God. And if you want to believe that God is the rock lodged between the treads on your bias ply radial tire, then God is the rock in between the treads on your bias ply radial. In other words, these people are taught to believe that just because there is a God, he, she or it is not really omnipresent, all-knowing, righteous, holy, or any of the other descriptives which constitute the meaning of the word God. In other words, if there is a god, and they are not saying that there is, then that god is only valid for the person who believes in that god.


Of course, that premise of theirs is full of room for all kinds of ambiguity, and it is really intended to do one thing: to erode the bedrock upon which mankind has built the laws of morality, which were built on the firm bedrock of natural law. When you erase the bedrock of morality, you are then free to justify any abhorrent behavior, because morality is no longer a firm thing, but becomes relative, and subjective. Subject to whichever set of codes or morals any individual may choose to adhere to.

This slippery slope leads to a society so fractured, so dysfunctional that for those who adhere to the morals of their forefathers, those who choose to continue doing what they believe to be right, they in fact become real victims to all of those who have progressively adopted the ‘anything goes’ mindset of the godless designers of modern education, who enjoy the protection of godless political forces with evil intentions.

The situation is dire in today’s United States of America. Lawlessness in high places has led to fractured communities, who war against each other in the halls of Congress, in the Courtroom, and in the Classroom. They war against each other in the streets, on the steps of the Capital, and even in houses of worship.3224490761_f85ed19577

Modern thinkers have polluted the minds of generations of fatherless children, to the degree that these children no longer believe fathers are needed, nor worth respecting where they do exist. Modern thinkers have forcefully removed the anchors and mooring lines from our children, leaving them to float precariously, and to be turned at the first mild breeze or even the weakest of currents.

Where bedrock morality is dismantled and displaced by relativism, there is tragedy on many levels and scales. Souls are lost. Potential is wasted or squandered. Technology is retarded by a lack of firm purpose. Instead of technology being used as a tool to do real good, it is wasted instead to entertain generations of godless heathens, weighing down a couch and spending long hours engaging others of their kind in fantasy warfare. Energy and effort which might have been expended pursuing justice, health, prosperity or goodwill, instead is frittered away leaving no imprint except well-worn indentations on the cushions.

And while that happens, a couple continents away, children still starve. Tribes still fight over patches of land, rocks and grass. In some places, people die for lack of clean drinking water, while in other places, floods invade and reclaim the meager peasant’s possessions. The irony is nearly infinite.

Where are we going as a society? Can anybody really believe in this day and time that this nation is headed in the right direction? It seems obvious that we are at present getting further and further away from what this nation needs, and farther away from what is righteous and good. We have gotten so far away in fact that even the words ‘righteous’ and ‘good’ are debatable in the minds of the indoctrinated masses. Relativity has destroyed the very thought processes that would lead us to the solution to the malignant disease of the western world.

When presidential politics spur questions of morality, the press chooses to filter answers through a bizarre prism which attempts to have it both ways, by asserting that there are, in practice, absolutes in terms of certain topics, as a result of some type of consensus, be it by a show of hands, or by assuming certain items are ‘understood’ as morally objectionable on a universal basis, but never attributable to the existence of any type of absolute truth. This is humorous to watch, as inflated egos on your television screen vacillate between feigned moral outrage when the subject meets the sniff test, but then spare no expense to underscore the fact that if there is a god, he/she or it must remain neutral when it comes to moral questions in people’s personal lives.

This is how you end up with a plurality of people electing a candidate despite character flaws so conspicuous and heinous that there could be no explaining why any morally upright person could cast a vote for them. People’s obsession with protecting and maintaining a separation between ‘church’ and ‘state’ is really an effort to suppress the exercise of morally right judgment by the electorate, as they delineate between a candidate’s personal life and that candidate’s political persuasions and allegiances.

In reality, the need of the far left to divorce America’s politics from any hint of what is thought of as predominantly Christian is a study in mental illness. So obsessed are they with eradicating godliness from our hallowed halls(marble political venues or educational esyablishments0 that they have effectively sandblasted the tablets of the Ten Commandments, and replaced them with faux-marble slates with a random number of mild suggestions which are, of course totally voluntary.

This brings us to the point. Here we sit, AS the future of the free world awaits the answer to the question: Is there such a thing as “right”? Are there any real rules which society agrees to codify as laws, which define right and wrong with no room left for argument?

And as such, what shall we say serves as the basis for our rule of law?That is a question which is at the core of our trouble as a society. To answer the question requires us to draw upon our founders, and upon their best judgments and intentions to design and form a nation which would propel itself forward as a force of good and righteousness, and as a beacon of freedom and hope to the inhabitants of the world who yearn to escape the kind of oppression which served as both the conception of our freedom in the form of the Declaration of Independence, and as the birthing pangs which would last through the revolutionary war and would result in the birth of a beautiful, new and unequaled nation ruled by the people.Jesus-cross

Freedom has always had its detractors. You know the kind I am referring to. They would be the ones who would raise their hand and call the teacher’s attention to the fact that she forgot to give the class a homework assignment as the bell is about to ring. These are the same people who persistently try to wiggle their way into a conversation for which they received no invitation. They are the same people who utter the words “no fair” any time they see anybody anywhere gain an advantage, be it on the playing field in sports, or on the debate club, or when a blue ribbon is awarded to a rival who had more ingenuity than they at the science fair.

These are the people who insisted on the most hideous creation ever: the ‘participation trophy’. These are the same lot that attempt to appear magnanimous in loudly proclaiming their dedication to a woman’s ‘right to choose’, but who frown on people being free to choose whether they wish to join a Labor Union to go to work at the G.M. factory. These are the litigious whore-mongers of jurisprudence who threaten lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs who fail to read the fine-print, or otherwise suffer the consequences of their own stupidity or ineptitude.

These are the same people who carry signs that scream ‘Keep Abortion Legal”, who insist that the only way that a gay couple can truly be free is to defile the institution of Holy Matrimony, a fundamental building block of traditional families. They demand that others be forced to acknowledge the legitimacy of the illegitimate. They demand that they be given preferential deference, as though only by desecrating the pillars of my faith can they enjoy America. They have corrupted the political process, and turned it into an unrecognizable circus, a farcical slap-in-the-face to men like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

Freedom in America is conditional. It comes with rules and responsibilities. It comes at a cost. It comes delivered by hundreds of thousands of foot-soldiers, who fought, sweated, toiled, bled and died, not for a medal of valor, not for a place in the history books, but for a design and a cause they knew in their very core was just, and right, absolutely so. They didn’t try to parse freedom, or strip it down to make it easier. They accepted their freedom, and they agreed to pay whatever the cost was to protect and guard that freedom for you and for your children’s children’s children.

What if we lose that commitment to freedom, even if just for a moment? What happens then? We are sadly learning the answer to that question today. We are learning that if we fail to guard and protect that freedom from all its enemies, foreign and domestic, that it can be snatched away, one little executive order at a time.

We are learning a lesson which no classroom in the public education system felt compelled to explain truthfully to our young: Citizenship has a cost. Freedom has a cost. Citizens have a responsibility to every soldier that bled or died for our flag. We have a responsibility to our children. We have a responsibility to our allies abroad, wherever they may be, to maintain vigil over freedom at all times.

Elections have consequences. Voters must rely on their own minds, and their own conscience, and must care enough about the cost of our freedom to responsibly educate themselves about the mettle of the candidates, the minutia of the issues, and the intentions of the interested parties who spend so much of their money backing a particular candidate.

The generations of indoctrinated children have been taught to pay no respect to our democratic representative form of government. They have been taught to be disinterested in the election process. They have been programmed to tune out if the news becomes a little too heavy. They have been instructed to disengage from the arguments over what kind of judiciary appointments a candidate might make once in office. They have been taught that it just isn’t cool to know what the hell is going on in respect to our government.

These generations have been taught that polar bears are more important than people. They have been taught that natural resources are not placed here by God for man to make use of. They have been taught that riding a bus is righteous as opposed to driving a car, which is evil. They have been taught that freedom to choose is great, provided that you agree with them. They have been taught that the only time an individual should do something truly good is when there are other people around to notice.

These generations have been taught that so long as you have people dumb enough to lend you money that you should borrow it. They have been immersed in a culture which portrays instant gratification as coming with no long-term consequence. They portray an image of people feasting, drinking, laughing and dancing, and they never ever show those same people paying the tab. They have tried to condition people to be perpetually penniless, because people who are on the edge of insolvency are much easier to manipulate than people who exercise restraint and manage their finances in such a way that they are free to choose a different path than chronic debt.

While there are countless conspiracy theories which lead people astray, the biggest conspiracy is the one being perpetrated by the elitist political ruling class. Consider the fact that to seek federal political office, individuals are faced with establishment-backed candidates, well-funded, connected to media outlets, and pre-selected by party bosses who use back-room intimidation tactics to discourage ‘undesirables’ who are less easily controlled. They stack the deck against anybody who has the audacity to challenge an incumbent, especially when the challenger doesn’t have the right politcal pedigree.

If someone from the business world seeks office, they had better have a fat wad of cash which they are ready to part with, because this is a high-stakes game. Occasionally a Bloomberg or Romney manages to crash the party, but for the most part, candidates stand no chance if they have not been baptized in the murky waters of the Potomac. The two major political parties bear a resemblance to rivaling organized crime syndicates. If someone from outside ‘the family’ tries to invade their turf, these syndicates practice the wicked politics of personal destruction.

Politics in America today is a disgraceful display of the worst of greed, corruption, graft and cover-ups. How, you might ask, do they manage to get away with it? Some of the key co-conspirators in this racket are the major news media organizations, from the Associate Press news-gathering syndicate, to the large television and newsprint corporations, all intricately connected to the power-brokers in the halls of Congress.

Without the cooperation of the news media, politicians would be accountable to constituents. That would translate into much more critical coverage, and were the news media doing the job of informing the public instead of white-washing the news, that accountability would  prevent senators and representatives in congress from cavalierly spending billions and trillions of dollars of the tax-payer’s money.

With the press running interference for the reckless political machinery, Washington has lost all discipline. There is no such thing as self-control in Washington.

As a grade-school student in Anchorage, Alaska in the let 60′s, I remember one of the key marks on our report cards had to do with behavior, and the most important of those marks was “Self-control”. I am bewildered that we have devolved from the culture that stressed the importance of self-control only 45 years ago, to a culture where the government spends trillions of dollars we do not have, on programs and things we do not need, while the most critical and fundamental duties of the government(namely guarding and protecting our borders) remains grotesquely undone.

Why hasn’t this become the focal-point of every conversation in national politics for the last 50 years? Was it because nobody was noticing the alarming influx of illegals pouring into our nations southern cities? Or might it have been because of a lack of awareness in Washington to the dangers and hazards growing like a groundswell? How might Washington have turned a blind eye to this issue for so long?

No theory on this question seems more plausible than the obvious: the politicians in Washington wanted this to happen!

We’ve seen no real action on the problem of illegal immigration in the nation’s capital all this time because too many dollars were being funneled from the pockets of the profiteers who exploit illegals to the coffers of the politicians. Graft in Washington is a long-term proposition. Inaction on the part of a corrupt politician is worth very large dollars, and the truly obscene fact is that a politician’s payoff for that inaction can be deferred until that politician retires from politics, and suddenly find him or her-self named as a chancellor at a university, or a seat on the board of directors of some corporation.

Were talking about the kind of corruption which is twice or three times removed from the actual doing of the dirty deed once upon a yesterday on Capital Hill.

Meanwhile the American people are unknowing, made oblivious to the dastardly crooked nature of politics by the latest season of American Idol or Jersey Shore. The mass-media in this country, and the entertainment industry, have anesthetized the less aware masses to such a degree that nobody has time or inclination to keep themselves informed about the out-of-control government.

At this point, I find myself asking a question that disturbs me. Can the problem of Washington politics be fixed, or has the damage become irreversible without sharpening of implements of revolution? While this country still honors the tradition of elections every 2 years, it occurs to me that these elections are more akin to voting for class president or prom king or queen than actual elections where the winners went off to actually represent the voice of the voters and effect meaningful and responsible prudence and stewardship over the hard-earned tax-dollars.

It seems even local elections have become dog and pony shows, designed to quiet the villagers while all the real decisions are being made by the well-connected fat-cats pulling all the strings behind the cloak of democracy.



Houston Homos demand oversight of sermons. Wake up, America!

This is war. The homosexuals have pushed us far too long. The story of the city of Houston, Texas issuing subpoenas demanding to look at sermons from various pastors, to determine if they or their churches are discriminating against homos. People, this is clearly a violation of the First Amendment. It is also an overt provocation of people of faith in America. It is time to push back, and I mean to push back as hard as I can. Not because I am sitting in judgment of these people and their perversions, but rather because they are trying to sit in judgment of God almighty, and they are playing with fire…and brimstone.

Now, before people start accusing us of being the next Westboro baptist church, let me enlighten you a bit. I happen to believe that the Westboro Baptist Church is a false-flag entity, funded by the Soros(far-left) globalists, as they try to portray a picture of Christianity in America which is hateful and hurtful and crass and tasteless. Why else would these people do the things they do, holding signs that say “God hates fags”? It seems clear to me that these people are actors playing a part to support the liberal left’s arguments about stereotypes of conservative Christians and Tea Party conservatives.

Ladies and gentlemen, today on The JJ McCartney Show, we are going to hit and hit hard.JMAN

The left is now acting with impunity in crossing the line which was established in the 1st amendment.

This link tells the story…and this is happening in HOUSTON, Texas!

No government, be it federal, state or local has ANY BUSINESS interfering or interjecting themselves into the intimate spiritual relationship between pastors and churches and their parishioners.

The political correctness movement has never been about decency or fairness…it has always been an instrument used by totalitarians and dictators to “sanitize” free speech of any content the thought police find objectionable.

Today’s episode of The JJ McCartney Show(www.jjmccartney.com/player.php) we will eviscerate the politically correct and their “do-gooder” snobbery.

And we will be surveying you, the patriots of America, as to how this kind of government over-reach will affect your votes.

Join me today at 3PM Eastern, 2PM Central, 1PM Mountain, Noon Pacific, as we stand up and speak out against these communists, progressives, democrats, and socialists.


Standing Strong: How to Bounce Back from Adversity

Yes. I am not afraid. JMAN-Sept27

Why am I not afraid? Because I KNOW what I know, and America needs to learn these simple lessons to bring us back from the brink of destruction.

Relax. I am not launching a political candidacy. I am not running for president, not even dog-catcher. But every able-minded and able-bodied adult in America needs to learn to do these THINGS, while there is still time. Your future freedom and prosperity does not depend on the government, and the sooner people understand this, the better off we will all be.

Even given the fact that the founders of this nation created the federal government as a means of mutual defense, we must not make the mistaken assumption that we can rely on the military to protect and defend the people, or the Constitution. That heavy responsibility belongs to each of us, as individuals. The Bill of Rights is a list of assurances that we bear responsibility and we hold all the privileges needed to assure the well-being of the union.

Let’s begin with simple things YOU can do, and things you NEED to do as soon as you can!

1- Buy guns and ammunition while you can.

2- Practice and teach all your family members how to safely use the firearms. Get practice in. Hone the skills of using firearms not only for bagging game, but for defending your life and your property from threats.

3- KNOW your rights. READ the CONSTITUTION. It takes 15 minutes, and once you know it, share it with everybody you know. The genius behind the founder’s vision was their capacity to anticipate the ways our government could and would be corrupted by thieving politicians and groups with agendas that are destructive of our free representative republic.

4- SHARE information with people you trust, and the one thing we need to learn from our leftist political foes is this: WE NEED TO ORGANIZE! Let’s not rely on common sense and calmer heads to prevail when an emergency comes up. Preparedness and communication, laying out realistic scenarios that could threaten your local communities, neighborhoods, cities and towns, and infrastructure. If we fail to do this, we will be like sitting ducks to an organized and lethal invading force.

5- TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS. HOME-SCHOOL your children. Do not trust the state to educate your children. The future will be in our kid’s hands soon enough. Let us not fail them, and let us not surrender their minds and brains to the leftist agenda that controls the nation’s teacher’s union, educational publishers and the curriculum known as “Common-Core”.

6- Write letters to your congressmen and senators, demanding that the U.S. withdraw from the U.N., and that we immediately abolish the I.R.S. and the E.P.A. In fact, every federal regulatory commission should be required, on a yearly basis, to weigh every rule, every regulation, against the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution itself, and every year, the congress should be required to propose the abolition of all regulatory agencies, with the burden to justify their existence weighed against the $18 Trillion national debt and the inherent inefficiency of government bureaucracies. Regulatory responsibility should always fall to the states. This would decentralize the power of corrupt political parties and persons to use regulatory agencies as henchmen to do harm to the political foes of federally elected or appointed officials.

7- Devote our time to building a populist movement to decentralize power, and to return the nation to a nation of states which govern themselves without interference from the Federal Government, and those states cannot be forced by the Federal Government to accept as binding laws passed in other states. In other words, if Massachusetts declares gay marriage to be legal, no other state can be forced to acknowledge any such union as legitimate in their state. No state should have the defacto authority to force a state law on another state or it’s local and municipal governments.  Summarized thusly: The power of governing should always fall by default to the most localized government body. It should not be the responsibility of the Federal government to institute school lunch programs nationwide. It should fall to local school districts. The Federal government should not dictate policy to the entire nation on any matter, save for the national mutual protection of our nation’s borders, and our military’s readiness to prosecute wars against enemies outside America’s borders which pose a real threat to our people or our Constitution and institutions.

We need to go back to the pre-14th-amendment Constitution.

We need to do away with the corrupt Federal Reserve, and instead issue currency based on a gold standard or other liquidateable assets which offer surety to the value of the currency.

We need to stand together, strong, resolute and immovable.

We need to keep our powder dry, make sure our aim is true, and rely on God and each other, to meet our needs and to forge a straight and narrow path to wellness, and to guard against the crooked system which has failed the nation so miserably.

And yes, people need to listen to my radio show, and many others like mine that are promoting the FOUNDER’s vision, and eliminating the “enlightenment” of the radical left(Democrats, Progressives, Communists, and all too often even RINO Republicans.

Stay strong. Stand Tall. And join me Monday through Friday from 3 to 5PM Eastern at www.jjmccartney.com for more solutions.



Are they BLOCKING the SHOW? UK listener says YES they ARE!

ArcSoft_Image28We’re not trying to play the victim, but you deserve to know that somewhere, people are trying feverishly to silence our show, and many others like it.

The simple truth is that we’re hitting way too close to the bull’s-eye. Truth tends to freak out leftists. The truth about the current administration and government ineptitude must be told as many times as it takes to penetrate the thick skulls of the slumbering low-information voters who are more concerned with their favorite team, or their favorite celebrity-dance contestant than they are about the planned destruction of the Constitutional Democratic Representative Republic we call home.

The sad thing is that many people are throwing up their arms and quitting because they are tired of fighting. I simply cannot do that. I am not doing this to become wealthy or famous. I am doing this because history will be very unkind to those who quit on our kids, our Constitution and the many soldiers who gave their blood, their sweat, and their lives in exchange for our freedom, and we MUST NOT allow their sacrifices to be in vain.

I have no idea how the moving parts at Spreaker work. I trust them to deliver my show to my listeners around the world, and they for the most part have been quite helpful and reliable. But I am getting persistent reports from the U.K. which indicate that they cannot hear LIVE shows, and sometimes it takes DAYS for archived shows to populate. They have even reported the website(THIS website) has been impossible to load or function properly.

I own this site. I own the show. I do all the work, I pay Spreaker for their service, and I do not charge anybody to listen to the show or participate in chat rooms or in any other interactive correspondence.

So you all understand what I am getting at, there is a PayPal button on the website. It’s to the right of this story. If you are among those who help support the show, thank you. If you have yet to help us, please give it some consideration. We don’t ask often, and we never try to make it sound like we’re desperate. But the more help we have, the easier it will be for us to root out problems with bandwidth, traffic flow and how or who may be responsible for the interference.

We will always make every effort to deliver the best show we possibly can.

Your help with that effort is most appreciated, and we will never put anything else in front of delivering the truth, and doing so without fear. Perhaps some high-ranking goons from the Communist Obama regime are trying to shut us down. But I’ve never been one to let resistance get in the way of the truth, or dissuading me from obeying what God is telling me to do.

If you feel led to help, please do. If not, then please keep listening. I promise, the truth and my devotion to the cause of Jesus Christ comes from the depth of my soul, and is honestly told from deep in my heart. I do ask that you pray for me, my family, our health and our ability to continue to grow this show, this website and the cause of America, as a Christian nation!

May God bless you and keep you.


Obama’s path to Martial Law: Ebola?

Barack Obama is itching for a fight.


It’s not that he wants to fight fair, but he is beginning to panic, recognizing that his political powers of persuasion are no longer working on the American voting public. His majority in the Senate is just weeks away from toppling. That will increase the likelihood that his major plans will be rejected.

So what has this got to do with Ebola? Well, it’s simple really. First, he had to create a crisis. The crisis is the outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa. Ebola, a very cruel and indiscriminate viral killer has been allowed to grow into an epidemic in the third-world nations like Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Obama has sent 3,000 of our military’s expendables to try to “help”. These members of our military will not be carrying weapons. They are simply there to hold doors open for doctors, perhaps take out the trash and mop some floors.

That might as well be their mission. It is nothing that will help stem the growth of the outbreak.

Now we have word of the “first case” of Ebola in the U.S., and according to the Centers for Disease Control it has happened in Dallas, TX. So how do you contain such a case? The Ebola virus can incubate in it’s victims for nearly three weeks before symptoms become visible. The disease can spread easily, especially if people are unaware of the possibility of the presence of such a virus in public areas, commons, handrails on escalators, elevators, stairs, buses, airplanes, the possibilities are endless.

And we know historically that viruses like Ebola can and do mutate, and can go airborne without any kind of warning. So a big city like the Dallas metroplex would be a perfect place to launch an outbreak here in the U.S. Dallas has one of the busiest airports in the world, and so far as we know, there really has not been any attempt to take any special precautions to airlines to take extra measures to sanitize their planes.

Copy of obama-judo-2

So Obama has recklessly exposed the American people to the risk of infection by leaving the southern borders wide open to anybody who decides they want to gain entry into the U.S.. The Obama administration has gone to painstaking measures to place illegal aliens in all 50 states. Why??? When there is risk of a killer epidemic, your borders need to be tightly sealed, patrolled and guarded with lethal force. This fool in the White House has instead done the opposite. Setting the stage for a nationwide “state of emergency”.

Martial law is coming. And they will try to come for your guns. All hell will break loose. It will descend into civil war. That is what Barack Obama has been plotting for a long time. He has placed Russian and Chinese fighters among us throughout America, posing as good neighbors and friends. They await their marching orders. Their komrade in the Oval Office is not going to wait much longer to try to lower the boom on the people of America.


It’s truly up to the good people of America to stick together, to not turn on each other, but rather focus all our energy on surviving, and on repelling any attempts by this illegitimate president to make war against the citizens.

Ebola is a killer virus. It’s also a killer opportunity to crank up a false-flag emergency, and Obama’s poker-face has never been well-hidden from those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. He telegraphs his punches, and this one can be seen from a country mile away.

Let’s stand together. Let’s hunker down. Let’s pray, and trust God to be our shelter.

And let’s get together weekdays from 3 to 5PM at www.jjmccartney.com for The JJ McCartney Show.hppp-1209-08+1965-pontiac-gto+radio.jpg

The Zero-hour is coming: Jihad on America October 23rd

UPDATED-FULLSIZE LOGO-newphonenumber2America is under an imminent threat from Islamic terrorists already on American soil. The beheading in Oklahoma last week was only a tiny preview of the coming jihad. The violence is slated to begin in earnest one October 23rd. That date resonates with Islamists as the beginning of their new year.

Why they have chosen that date might be up for discussion, but the truly alarming thing that you need to know is that people throughout the U.S. government, people in a position to know about imminent threats, are retiring in droves right now. From all of t he alphabet agencies, from the NSA,CIA and FBI to higher-ups in civilian jobs at the Pentagon, and while all of this is happening, suddenly there is silence from just about every insider source we have.

Other radio hosts and column-writers tell a story which is virtually identical. Where sources that were once all over the spectrum, sounding the warning bells that tyranny and martial law were on the horizon. Almost in unanimity, these sources have chosen to go silent now. The speculation is that it is too late to help most people, especially those that have waited until now to even start paying attention to the threats.

So now it truly is down to we, in the alternative media, to do the heavy lifting, and to declare the truth. I’ve been advised to be hyper-vigilant, and keep an eye out for strangers in strange vehicles, and know who it is that is hanging around.

Fear cannot enter into this equation. God is on the throne, and we must place our full trust in Him. I am praying for His wisdom and guidance on a daily basis. The danger is real. The time to be meek is long past. We must boldly proclaim that which we know to be true.

We’re facing an attack of unprecedented proportions. I pray daily for grace, strength, discernment and courage. I also pray for our loyal listeners. We’re facing attacks spiritually, as the evil one attempts to make us feel isolated and all alone. Do not let your heart be troubled. You are not alone, and God will give us(His children) the ability to defend and to elude these fiery darts thrown at us from our enemy, Satan, the devil and any of his demons. They have no authority over God’s children.

Stay string, and keep listening. This radio show is the way I can fight back against the coming attack. But foremost, we must pray, we must be in constant prayer, and walk in the Spirit. Give our lives to God, to be used as a living sacrifice, and to reach the lost and the dying with the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus.

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Jihad arrives in America: Moore, Oklahoma beheading

Moore, Oklahoma has the dubious distinction of being the first place in America where the Islamic jihad, the FATWA, the Caliphate has made itself manifest.chris-gadsden

It’s a story which almost writes itself, as every prognosticator observing casually the wide-open southern border, the refusal to enforce immigration law, and the stiff-kneed denial by Barack Obama and his democrat cohorts that not screening out the undesirables poses no significant risk to America.

Moore, Oklahoma is middle-America. It is a rural area where farmers, students, teachers, and blue-collar workers know the value of hard work, and where they all believe in the tenets of America’s founding documents. The people of Oklahoma by and large do not want to be over-run by illegals. They would rather that the rule of law be respected by everybody. And this morning, as the people who work at Vaughan’s Foods arose this morning to work their shifts, to help serve their customers, and to help pay their bills, taxes and meet their obligations, they had no idea what they would face just hours later.

A Muslim employee who was proselytizing on the job was fired this morning, at the company’s human resources office, separate from the actual store itself. Minutes later, this employee made his way into the store, and reportedly beheaded one woman, and had stabbed another victim multiple times, before the C.O.O. for the company, Mark Vaughan, who is also a reserve deputy sheriff, shot the suspect.

The suspect has not been identified by name, but sources in the store and in the community quickly revealed that the killer is Muslim, and that he had been trying to “convert” many others at the store to Islam, and while nobody is saying this on the record, it is likely that his proselytizing was a large factor in his dismissal.

While this story was unfolding, the nation was still hearing the echoes of Barack Obama, claiming that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that groups like ISIS(the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is “not Islamic”, and it strikes me as rather ironic that while half a world away Obama is lobbing cruise missiles at sand-dunes in Syria and Iraq, he won’t lift a finger to close our southern border to protect our homeland from Islamic jihad.

The jihad has arrived here in America. Speaking as an American patriot, I will keep and bear arms, and should the jihad try to visit my home, they will meet with forceful resistance. America’s “redneck” population needs to band together now, to send a clear message to the Islamic crazies who are planning to murder our people in America by blending in and then attacking.

We, the rednecks, will protect and defend our homeland, even if Obama won’t. But if Obama tries to declare martial law and take away our guns, well, then we may as well call him one of the jihadis. The man’s actions should make it clear where his allegiance really lies.

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