JJMcCartney welcomes Jim Garrow back!

Thursday’s JJMcCartney Show was a true blockbuster!

A MONSTER show with Dr. Jim Garrow.
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So good to have Dr. Garrow back on the show, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to bring you the BEST in independent conservative talk radio anywhere on the planet.

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And remember, tomorrow we have Ambassador John R. Bolton and Trade Martin on the show!

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A new week of spectacular shows! JJMcCartney brings it.

We’ve got a great week of shows lining up for you on this 4 full week of July…

From JJMcCartney and the Nightside Radio Studios, here’s what to expect for today and the rest of this week:Logo Template - a_Logo_20

Monday: Open lines, as JJ covers the news from all around thew world, from the Ukraine, to the Gaza strip, to the latest news on the southern border, and of particular emphasis will be the public health threats that have suddenly gone from mostly manageable to completely out of control in mere months!

Tuesday, we will dive into the political speculation for 2016. There are a number of people dipping their toe in the water for 2016, but who should jump in, and who should leave it alone? We’ll also learn more about the reasons Hillary in 2016 is such a colossal bad idea.

Wednesday, we welcome back to the show IQ Al Rassooli, who will share his views, from the plane shot down over Ukraine, to the elevated threat of broader war in the Middle East.

Thursday, we welcome Dr. Jim Garrow back to the show after his “infiltration tour” of North America. We’ll hear tales JimGarrowfrom his spectacular tour of the U.S., and we will of course get his analysis of the latest news breaking all around the world.



Friday we bring you a double-great show! We will kick off the show with a LIVE interview with Ambassador John Bolton, Ambassador Boltonas we get his take on the Malaysian Airliner, the southern border crisis, and the inexplicable lack of action from the White House.




We’ll also have Trade Martin join us this Friday, for a great end-of-week wrap up.trademartin

Plus we’ll have more details about the 24-hour JJ McCartney Radio Feed coming very soon!

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JJMcCartney: How to ward off an infection

There is a war raging right now. It started with some uninvited visitors taking up residence in a place that I am attached to.

At first, I didn’t even realize they were there. They didn’t loudly announce their arrival, and yet they sought immediately to do great harm.

By the time I became aware of their presence, they nearly forced me to just cut out the area they had invaded.

Thankfully, some very dedicated men and women who’d devoted years to preparing for just such an invasion sprung into action. The very first thing they did was identify the intruders, and then they proceeded to deploy forces to force the invaders to leave or die where they stood. There was no contemplation given to the possibility of giving them a permanent home in this area that I hold so dear.

So the battle rages on. There were more of these invaders than we first knew about, and so it might take a few months or more to send them all packing. Every day, I fight this battle. The scars of this war are fresh. The pain is very real, and yet I know it is a pain I must endure and see through to the end, because losing or capitulating to these invaders is simply not an option.

Ladies and gentlemen, What am I talking about? Am I talking about my physical battle with several of the world’s nastiest bacteria?? Or am I talking in a metaphor for the manner with which our nation has been invaded by liberal, socialist commies, sexual deviants, and enablers who promote lawlessness and tear open a wound upon the land, exposed to infected, diseased foreigners with their hands out, not merely asking for help but demanding full rights to which they are neither entitled nor are they worthy.

IF you ignore an infection long enough, eventually it will go septic, invading your entire body.

Thankfully in my case, we caught the infection early enough that we formulated a plan to fight it.

Will America be as fortunate? Can we wake up this ailing patient from their comatose condition, so distracted and obsessed with pop culture, and so consumed by consumerism that they cannot even fathom the infection which is taking hold of it’s foundational base?


The JJ McCartney Show airs weekdays, 3 to 5PM Eastern.The JJ McCartney Show airs weekdays, 3 to 5PM Eastern.
I said a couple weeks ago to John R. Bolton that the fastest way to lose a war is to fail to recognize that you are at war. America is being systematically divided, distracted, and undermined by evil forces who manipulate the masses through propaganda, lies, and corruption of the language.

If we are going to throw off this infection, we must be willing to consult with the doctors, and we must be willing to swallow the vile-tasting medicine which is the only cure for this infection: It’s called Self-discipline, with a side of personal responsibility, and it requires that the patient commit themselves to follow the doctor’s orders, and not abandon the prescriptions the first time they feel the symptoms starting to ease.

I hope this metaphor makes sense to you. As I write this, I am battling horrific pain in every joint in my body, every muscle aches, my head is pounding, and I am very tired and weary. It’s not easy to engage in this battle some days, but I trust God will deliver me and my family to a victorious triumphant jubilee, and we will all sing out praises to our Lord and Savior, the Great Physician, Jesus.


2014 JJMcCartney

Dr. Mark Davis is JJMcCartney’s Guest

Today on The JJMcCartney Show: DrMarkheadshot

Dr. Mark Davis will be JJ’s guest today. We’ll talk about the infectious diseases which the flood of illegal immigrants is spreading in the border states, and why FEMA camps are a terrible idea in the long-term for these illegals.

Plus we’ll tear Eric Holder to shreds for his typical punkish claims of racism regarding the border. Holder is a national hemorrhoid, and in typical liberal race-card abuse fashion, he has no facts to back up his ludicrous accusation.

AND…we’ll shed some light on the upcoming unveiling of our store page, where you can purchase official JJ McCartney Show logowear, coffee cups, and so much more!

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JJMcCartney Show: Friday’s ‘box o’ chocolates’

1988Friday gives us a great chance to wrap up the week with the latest news, plus Trade Martin our guest, as we share thoughts, spin yarns and have a few therapeutic laughs, as well as some deep thoughts.

The Box-o’chocolates episode…as we deliver off-the-cuff commentary and excellent unrivaled banter, the type which is always accompanied by superior wit, well-conceived philosophy, and the gritty resolve of true American Christian Patriots.

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JJMcCartney listener has high IQ

IQAlRassooliAlright, friends, we’ve sussed out the culprit, and eliminated the interference between Europe and the Nightside Radio Studios, and so it is with great pleasure we welcome back to the show our friend and Iraqi exile IQ Al Rassooli.

IQ has appeared with us before, and each time he has, we have experienced technical interruptions. While some might think it coincidental, it seems too ironic that this man, who reveals Islam for the radical and hateful ideology that drives its members to call for the extermination of Jews, and the killing of infidels, keeps getting shut off just as we reach the apex of his revelations about Islam.

So today, we bring you another attempt to hear IQ Al Rassooli tell us all what we need to know about Islam, and what we need to do to repel the forces of Islam from over-running our porous borders and trying to impose Shariah here in the United States.

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By the way, you can order IQ Al Rassooli’s book, “Lifting the Veil, the true faces of Mohammed and Islam” by following this link: http://www.amazon.com/Lifting-Veil-Faces-Muhammad-Islam/dp/1434392023

JJMcCartney wonders: How long do we have?

JJ McCartneyToday on The JJ McCartney Show:

Monday July 7th brings with it lots of news, items we didn’t cover last week, plus the latest breaking news, and some excellent thoughts about where solutions are going to come from, and we’ll be asking a question everyone needs to contemplate:

How much time do we REALLY have before the crap hits the fan, and before the breakdown of society? The issues at the southern border are, I believe, being done on purpose to try to accelerate the breakdown of society. The Obama regime wants civil unrest, conflict, and they want to gin up angry mobs of outraged citizens.

We are already seeing militia members at the border doing what they feel is necessary to protect this nation from the invasion which has been sponsored by the Obama regime.

JJ McCartney

So how long do we have, and what should we be doing with this time? We’re going to tackle that head-on today. Your opinion matters, your feelings on this unlawful invasion matters, and somehow, we all have to find our voices, and modulate LOUDLY to every member of congress and the senate, and we need to do whatever it takes to stop this lawless regime from pissing away our national sovereignty.

We start the show at 3PM Eastern time, LIVE at www.jjmccartney.com

Wednesday’s show: JJMcCartney brings it!

onair1JJMcCartney brings a basket full of goodies to the show today.

We share the latest poll numbers which reflect the utter incompetence of the Obama administration, and which reflect the growing segment of the population which has lost all confidence in Barack Obama’s leadership, and in the government as a whole.

Plus we hear from Jenn in Idaho about where she really lives, and Dan tells us about his cows, and other farm animals.

Seriousbly, though, we have a great conversation about the recipe for repairing this badly broken nation, and why the democrats will “never” get it: because they will never come clean and be intellectually honest.

It’s a great and speedy two hours of radio excellence.

JJMcCartney Show breaks records!

JMAN-goofyOK kids, we’ll be getting into some red meat today on The JJ McCartney Show, as the wheels have totally come off the Obama presidency.

Nobody has confidence in anything that this regime says or does, and for good reason! When was the last time you ever heard of a newspaper apologizing for endorsing a candidate? I’ll give you details today.

Plus, we’ll talk about the innocuous statement I made earlier today that I, JJ McCartney, am an “extremist”. We’ll tell you why, and why YOU should be too!

Plus free balloons for the kids, and some lucky listener will win the OFFICIAL Nightside Radio Studio’s JJ McCartney Show coffee mug!

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JJMcCartney returns to Studio


Hello friends. I am thrilled to be back in the studio after a truly frustrating week of hospitals, tests, surgeries and uncertainty. Be sure to check in at jjmccartney.com for frequent updates!

Dctor schedules require me to be away from the studio Monday, but we anticipate all live shows the remainder of the week.

below is a few random thoughts I am considering putting into haiku format and publishing like the Thomas Payne pamphlets. It’s a work in progress.

Clearly we are all racists, for failing to recognize all the accomplishments of the first black president:

He’s slowed the rise of the oceans by sheer force of will.
He’s somehow acquired his own phone AND his own pen!
He’s set back heterosexual rights thus ending the era of radical conventional sex.
He’s extinguished the flame of industry, opting instead to set fire to the world’s greatest health care system.
He’s stepped in on behalf of the most oppressed and weakest among us: I speak of course of the poor, beleaguered abortionists.
He has bridged new relationships between blacks and white Hispanics named George Zimmerman. And if he had a son, he would look a lot like the biggest horses’ ass to ever emerge on the public scene.