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JJMcCartney: 911 aftermath, inside-job?

Today on The JJ McCartney Show JJ will reflect on the aftermath of 9/11, what’s happened since then, and what has gone wrong since then.
We must never forget the horror of 911, true enough. But we must also not fail to learn the hardest lesson about 9/11: This was a massive conspiracy and a massive cover-up, and the proof is massive and irrefutable.

9/11: Inside Job? Let’s talk about it today.

Thursday: Open lines/9-11 memorial
Friday: Trade Martin and the mysterious Colonel!

Join us LIVE at 3PM Eastern time at

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JJMcCartney with Jim Garrow back with a vengeance!

ArcSoft_Image28JJMcCartney returned to the show Monday, and had a fabulous visit with Dr. Mark Davis.

We topped that Tuesday with a phenomenal visit with Dr. Jim Garrow, as we talk about the latest news, the outrageous failure of the Obama administration to protect America from all manner of threats.

Plus we talk tech details about Radio Free, the frustration of the Arpaio investigation, and the reasons why all Americans should move to convince their local sheriff’s office to bring charges against any politician who empowers illegals, or obstructs the proper enforcement of laws on the books.

Plus we map out an ideal candidate for 2016. Jim Garrow speaks.

A phenomenal visit with Dr. Jim Garrow, as we talk about the latest news, the outrageous failure of the Obama administration to protect America from all manner of threats.

Plus we talk tech details about Radio Free, the frustration of the Arpaio investigation, and the reasons why all Americans should move to convince their local sheriff’s office to bring charges against any politician who empowers illegals, or obstructs the proper enforcement of laws on the books.

Plus we map out an ideal candidate for 2016.

Great calls from Richard, Bill, Linda and a special treat for the Canadians in our audience. Jim Garrow is a resident of Canada.

Share with your friends, and follow us on Twitter: @JJMcCartneyLive

Great calls from Richard, Bill, Linda and a special treat for the Canadians in our audience. A canadian Patriot: Jim Garrow

Share with your friends, and follow us on Twitter: @JJMcCartneyLive


JJMcCartney welcomes back Ambassador John Bolton

Ambassador BoltonWith so much breaking news around the world and here in the homeland, we’re always happy to welcome the input we get from Ambassador John Bolton.

Friday August 29th Ambassador Bolton will be JJ’s guest.

We’ll get Ambassador Bolton’s thoughts on the riots in Ferguson Missouri, and why the story has been used to shove much more urgent matters off the front-page of the main-stream media.

We’ll also talk about the beheading of American photographer James Foley and why the Obama response has rung hollow with the American people.

This is going to be one great episode of The JJMcCartney show! Plan on hearing it LIVE from 3 to 5PM Eastern time Friday the 22nd!

JJMcCartney welcomes David A.R. White

DavidARWhite2JJMcCartney welcomes Actor/director/producer/writer and founding partner of PureFlix, the most prolific producer of Christian-based movies in the world today.

David’s acting career really took off when he was 19, having withdrawn from Moody bible college in Chicago, and moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Against almost impossible odds, David won the role of best-friend to Burt Reynold’s son on the TV Sit-com “Evening Shade”.

David also learned fame and success in Hollywood can be quite fickle. David has an amazing testimony, about how he went from being a promising young star to some0ne who’d hit hard times. His amazing story of enduring faith and finding God to be so true to His word will inspire.

The latest release is a film called “God’s Not Dead”, co-starring Kevin Sorbo as a university philosophy professor who is bitter and angry with God, and teaches that God is not real. See the movie to be inspired by the long-suffering of our Lord, not wanting that ANY should perish.

This is going to be an exciting interview, and we want to invite all of you to listen, and call in with your questions!

David A.R. White


JJMcCartney hosts Jim Garrow and Carl Gallups Tuesday

JimGarrowIn the history of The JJMcCartney Show, we have has some of our very best moments from two very well-spoken, intelligent and morally upright men.

I’ll skip the cascading superlatives and just put it succinctly:

Jim Garrow, founder of the Bethune Institute, built 286 westernized schools in China. Founded “Pink Pagoda Girls”, a group which is in the business of saving infant girls from Chinese “gendercide”, by arranging adoption of these infant girls by couples who for whatever reason could not have children.

CarlGallupsCarl Gallups has been a pastor and minister for many years. He also has a background in law enforcement, and he has authored a couple of New York Times best-sellers, “The Magic Man in the Sky”, and “The Rabbi who found Messiah”. Gallups has close personal ties to Mike Zullo, and has been very pro=active in pushing for the truth from the Joe Arpaio investigation, awaiting criminal charges against Barack Obama.

Often I have wished I could get both of these gentlemen together to have interaction which I believe will be of great benefit to the listeners!

The show airs from 3 to 5PM Eastern time Monday-Friday, with archived episodes rounding out the rest of the day with 24/7 show coverage and more!

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The JJMcCartney Show: One year later, counting our blessings

UPDATED-FULLSIZE LOGO-newphonenumber2OK friends and neighbors, this has been a month of trials and challenges…in fact a summer of them, and yet through faith in God and through the prayers of so many of you, we have continued to grow, to trust and to keep moving ahead.

The true wonder of God’s love for us is that even in and through the challenges, He continues to bless his faithful servants with strength and He continues to anoint His word as it goes forth into this lost and hurting world.

I have been searching for the right time to share with you all just how God has opened doors, opened hearts and has blessed my efforts in ways I can only describe as faith-affirming!

As the summer winds down and we head toward autumn, I have had occasion to look back at the past year, and I am truly humbled and thankful for the support God has provided. Producing a daily talk-show, especially in the face of the health challenges, and then to reach out to many like-minded patriots, and to find that God has paved the road for me, it is hard to believe and yet it is what I have learned to expect from God.

How else could we have met people like Dr. Jim Garrow, John R. Bolton, Dr. Mark Davis, Carl Gallups, and so many others, to build not only acquaintances but true friendships with these brothers(and sisters) in the cause of God-given liberty and freedom?

As a Christian, and as a patriot, I feel compelled to say that the time is short for us to fight for every soul, every heart and every mind. How can you see the panic, the unrest and the turmoil in this world and NOT recognize the season we are in the midst of??

The JJMcCartney Show is not a marketing ploy. It is not idle chit-chat. It is the vehicle by which I have been instructed to reach out to as many as will have ears to hear, and I cannot and must not and will not hesitate to proclaim the gospel, that is the SAVING GRACE of the LORD, Jesus!

I pray that God will continue to make me able to put forth this outreach, and to bring more and more people nearer to HIS truth, and that we can band together, bound in our love for the Lord, and in our faith and belief in the good and noble vision of our founders, built in the lasting faith in God, and I ask all of you to join me in praying that we can turn as many people as possible away from the vast wasteland that is the American pop culture, and back to the moral tenets, the tenets which our founders relied upon, to construct a morally upright nation.

Please help us continue to spread the word, and to turn America back toward God, and away from the haughty, narcissistic excesses that have led to the moral decay and rot which has become so pervasive.

Please share the show with your friends and family, and please continue to pray for our mission!

JJMcCartney announces historic lineup of shows

We’re always working here at to bring you the very best show possible.

From our carefully researched news coverage, to conversations with our vast audience of good Americans, to the very best guests we can find.

Next week will be a phenomenal week for the listeners of the show.God

Monday August 25th: Dr. Mark Davis, author of “Obamacare: Dead on Arrival”

Tuesday August 26th: Dr. Jim Garrow and Pastor Carl Gallups

Wednesday August 27th: Iraqi exile and author I.Q. Al. Rassooli, author of “Lifting the Veil, the true face of Mohammed and Islam”

Thursday, August 28th: We have a mystery guest slated for Thursday. We cannot announce it yet, but we will soon.

Friday, August 29th: Musician and radio host Trade Martin and our man from West Point, known only as “the Colonel”.

And make no mistake, friends, September promises to be even better. The show is gaining momentum, and we are working hard behind the scenes to constantly improve.

The show airs weekdays from 3 to 5PM Eastern time at


JJMcCartney: The new school year

This has been a very long week. It had to come to an end…and I am glad in a sense to see it go.

My body has been through a war with some of the nastiest germs and some of the nastiest antidotes I could imagine…and yet I know many are much worse off than I am.

This week brought me to a place of distress, exhaustion and a slight medical oversight which very nearly felled me.

Yet when the sun arose, and all the doctor visits were behind me, I was better off. The doctors are very pleased with my healing, and they are taking me off the meanest drugs they had me on. My body is weary from the battle waged between MRSA and Vankomycin. This is a colossal battle which in my case has been raging for almost two years.

And yet, now I am feeling myself emerging from a fog. I feel my body rewarding me for these past two months of good living. And the JJMcCartney Show is growing by leaps and bounds!

john17-glorify-the-fatherSpiritually, this experience has only galvanized my faith in God, through Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit which has never forsaken me, and has never left me alone.

Now…the weekly essay:

This week, many youngsters are heading back to school. College students are getting settled in their dorms. Football players are sweating through 2-a-days. A fresh new year of school awaits.

But as we usher our children off to their halls of learning, we must not entrust the schools and teachers with our children’s hearts and minds. We must set the standard for them. We must be the examples, the role models, and we must set high expectations on our kids.

Those high expectations will give our children a sense of direction, and they will know we love them because we are firm in setting boundaries. I feel truly sorry for those children whose parents abdicate their role as the true task-masters of their children, and instead trust a very flawed government and education system to “raise” their children.

Parenting is never going to be easy all the time. There will be trials, disagreements, and even some arguing and tears, but if you love your kids, you will participate in helping them make that difficult transition from innocent and care-free little children to young adults who have a strong moral compass and are ambitious to be the best people they can be in their adulthood.

George W. Bush had a phrase back in his 2000 campaign: We must not fail our children through the “soft bigotry of low expectations”. Let’s challenge our children to have high expectations of themselves, morally, academically, spiritually and emotionally.

There is only one sure way to give your kids the best chance in life: You must not be an absentee parent. Be there for PTA meetings, Be there for Scout meetings or Pinewood derbies.

Encourage them when they take an interest or show aptitude in a specific area of study, and take time to laugh, play, and engage in conversation with them. Don’t be overbearing or intrusive, but don’t be too hard to find, either.

As I look at the calendar, I realize that my youth is truly in the far distant past. Yet still, my Heavenly Father is still teaching me, laughing with me, and encouraging me.

I pray I can be the best father I can be, and that my daughter knows that my only hope for her is that she stands a bit stronger in the knowledge that she has a fan, an advocate, a friend, and a father and mother who love her more than we love life itself.





JJMcCartney: Robin Williams tragic “reality”

robin-williams-the-crazy-onesMake no mistake, I am saddened by the death of Robin Williams.

But I am sad for different reasons than many.

He made people laugh. That seems to be the golden goose in Hollywood. He became a talented dramatic actor, as well as a funny comic. His first comedy album was called “Reality: What a Concept”. Sadly, his reality is now a tragic one.

I cannot help but wonder about his soul. To the best of my knowledge, he was not a Christian. And as far as I could tell, he did not profess to being a believer in God.

As funny as he was, and as many good movies as he made, and as financially successful as he was, none of the trappings of his fame and fortune could buy happiness in his soul. He suffered from severe depression.

Some will cry out that depression is a valid mental disease. Perhaps there is evidence to suggest that, but what does a 63-year-old multimillionaire living in the lap of luxury have to feel depressed about?

I ask the same question about many other mega-successful stars who simply could not live with their fame and fortune. What leads to this kind of self-destruct? What could possess someone who had been given so much to toss away the very life that God had given them? What could fuel such despair?
Speaking as a guy who is fighting many maladies, a list that seems to grow with each passing year, I don’t understand how a person could grow to despise their own life?

I cannot in good conscience simply raise a glass and toast Robin Williams, not when I consider what he threw away. I can’t toast a life that came to such a senseless end.

Satan may celebrate Robin Williams life, but then he also may celebrate his death, tallying another soul in his column. And I am sure Whoopie Goldberg and Billy Crystal will lead the procession of “celebrants” at the funeral, and I suppose that stands to reason, considering who they have chosen to serve.


Robin Williams 1951-2014

Robin Williams

If that seems insensitive, I apologize. But when it comes to the disposition of a man’s soul, regardless of how many people loved his work, I mourn the loss, because it re-tells a sad tale which we have seen play out far too many time in this culture. Michael Jackson. Amy Winehouse, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston, and far too many more which slip my mind at the moment.

Sad as the death of Robin Williams is, far too many will choose to toast his life, instead of seeing it as the cautionary tale it should be.

I am sad for his wife, his kids and his family. But I am mostly sad for Robin Williams.


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